Siemens S65 Review: Data Functions, Connectivity, Conclusion

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Data functions

The recent Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) browser that Siemens uses in the recent series is very fast. It gives you many setting possibilities, up to now I wasn't successful to connect to Internet via APN. From mobile data transfer technologies you'll prefer General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) class 10 (4+2) to slow data connection (CSD). Don't expect HSCSD, EDGE or WDCMA in this pone. Siemens S65 can be connected with a Personal Computer (PC) via Bluetooth, infrared port or a cable. It's the third utilize of a Bluetooth technology in Siemens phones, and alike with the S55 model Bluetooth cannot be active simultaneously with infrared port - activation of one of these switches off the other.

Data transfer settings

If you will feel helpless how to transfer a call from the phone to a bluetooth headset, imprint the small icon with a question imprint at the left soft key. Just press it. Anyway, I was not successful again to set the phone to transfer a call automatically to connected bluetooth handsfree. Setting the phone for data transfer - now I mean WAP, email and MMS - is quite difficult due to a TCP/IP and Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) transfer support. Therefore I recommdiscontinue to utilize an internet service, that will sdiscontinue you a configuration SMS after entering some specifications.

Personal Computer (PC) connectivity

There is a Compact Disk (CD) included in the package, which contains a Mobile Phone Manager program. With this program it's possible to easily and comfortably work with the address book, text messages or the calendar etc.

As I already wrote, Siemens S65 can be connected via Bluetooth, an infrared port or a data cable. The phone connected to a Personal Computer (PC) via Bluetooth can utilize the services of the Mobile Phone Manager Application. The same stands for the infrared port as well. Of course, it's possible to connect a Personal Computer (PC) to the Internet via Bluetooth or Infrared port. Calendar, address book or organizer data can be synchronized by SyncML technology.

Designed for business

Compared to the other models of the Siemens 65 series, the highest S65 model is nothing new. But we should see more behind and compared to the previous Siemens S55 it presents a revolutionary change: in design, display quality, memory, telephony functions, messaging and organizer. Sure, it shouldn't hold such a long time but we can't do anything about it.

Do you remember, what I began with? Siemens S65 is a highest-class mobile phone, designed for business. The only pure entertaining function, the megapixel camera, will just see nice in the ads.

Here's the phone that many users called for. Siemens developed the functions, which are necessary and didn't focus on modern useless things. The recent S65 model has a huge address book, refined organizer functions and supports various types of messages. It's well equipped for mobile data transfer. And if 10 megabytes of memory aren't enough, there is a memory slot.

Once again, I mention the relative Siemens M65 and CX65 phones, which are from the function point of view almost identical to the tested S65. They differ only in details and by design. You can save a lot of money by choosing the correct phone (do you know now why CX65 doesn't have Bluetooth?).

Pros and Cons

+ design and construction

+ large display

+ quality address book

+ sufficient memory and memory card

- no music functions

- rough display

Standard package contains:

  • phone

  • battery Li-Ion 750 mAh

  • charger

  • user's guide

  • CD-Read-Only Memory (ROM) containing among others a synchronizing software

  • memory card RS-MMC 32 Mega Bytes (MB)



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