Samsung E800 Review

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Samsung E800 offers a very luxurious design, quality color display, excellent ringing and an integrated capturing camera for a price above the average. It's not an impressive phone from the function point of view but it will probably suit the needs of most users.

When Siemens introduced its sliding SL55 model, it caused a small storm on the mobile market. Nobody remembered the SL10 model from the discontinue 90's and people were just mad from the flashing phone with a sliding construction. Time goes on and slide construction phones are becoming a trend.

The original Siemens got more than satisfactory successor (Siemens SL65), Sharp TM100 appeared exclusively in the T-Mobile network, even Sagem introduced a slide conception model (Sagem myC-4). Samsung did its bit as well, first with the rather technical model SGH-D410, but soon also with the more attractive SGH-E800 phone.

The likes

Siemens SL55

Siemens SL65

Sharp TM100

Sagem myC-4

Samsung D410

First of all, Samsung SGH-E800 is a stylish phone, thanks to the renowned quality Samsung design and also for its size. Somehow it is assumed that a phone of this kind must be small.

Samsung E800 is really small

You can find Samsung E800 in the T-Mobile network under the E820 designation but it's still the same phone.

What's inside the egg?

The whole phone is made of plastic, even though it looks like it's made of some kind of a fine metal. Most of its surface is of a matted white plastic, which looks at sight better than a drab silver color. But you won't be spared of that, becautilize the front part, which is trimming the display and the soft keys, is silver. I can imagine also some other color variants but Korean designers won't hear a word against the silver color.

Due to the rounded edges, the entire phone looks rounded. Comparing to the older Samsung D410 mobile phone, this model has an integrated in the body antenna. In the correct upper corner where you should see for it, you'll find a slot for hanging the phone on a strap instead. Together with the phone you'll find an eyelet as well as a silver strap with an integrated handsfree in the package: you can utilize also a piece of an ordinary string.

Short eyelet - for the finger? • strap slot

On the correct side of the phone, just below the mentioned slot, you'll find the masked handsfree connector. I discovered it after quite a long search becautilize it's very dexterously hidden behind the button. After removing the silver cover (it's fixed and you don't have to worry that you might lose it) you'll find a connector looking like a small USB.

Connecting the handsfree is not comfortable • headphone can be placed in a clip • bigger part of the handsfree cable is hidden "in the string"

On the contrary, the silver label, placed a bit lower, can't be removed. It's an authentic button and is used for capturing camera control. On the bottom part of the mobile phone there is a charger connector, protected by a non-fixed cover, which you'll probably lose early. Left side of the phone is occupied by a volume double-button.

Buttons and infrared port on the side of the phone

Even with a magnifying glass you won't find a capturing camera lens on the backside. Except an incised Samsung sign and a web address there is nothing at all. Yes, there is a battery safety lock taking a small place, but that's something inseparable.

Look under the battery • capturing camera lens, mirror and a light diode are on the inner side

The capturing camera appears when you slide the top part of the phone. A capturing camera lens with a mirror and a flash diode are hidden correct there to avoid dust, shocks and scratches. It's not possible to shoot with a closed phone, but this minor inconvenience protects the lens.

Still the same display

The display is on the front side of the mobile. There is nothing to reproach for; it's the same quality as displays with other Samsung mobile phones. After Samsung came with a 262 thousand color display in the SGH-D410 model, I expected that we'll find similar displays with all following phones of the producer. But the time still hasn't come.

Display and keypad illumination

Thus Samsung E800 display can show "only" 65K color shades. It has 128 x 160 pixels available, which is today's standard resolution. It's an active TFT display, with physical size of 28 x 34 mm.

Where is the oval?

Keys are in a form of small ovals. With outside columns these ovals are slit on one side, and the bottom row of keys is deformed in the same way. The oval size is changed so if you close the phone step by step, the top part covers only one row of keys. Keys in the middle column must exactly joint the edge of the top part.

Keypad detail • keys are surrounded by a raised edge

Something else is vital for practical use. Keys have sufficient distance from each other so there's no danger to press some other key than the one you want to. Their stroke is quite small but the press works well. Overall, the keypad of this phone is fine above the average.



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