Sony Ericsson S700 Review: Environment, Menu, Camera

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Graphics in the menu

Graphical interface of the Sony Ericsson S700 is very similar, or maybe the same, as with the K700 model. K700 has redesigned the environment, which Sony Ericsson phones were using for the last couple of years.

The menu features the classic matrix. You can find twelve items there. The icons are just lovely; you can see the display quality here. Selected icon gets enlarged and animated. Next menu levels are in most cases divided into well-arranged folders. The layout is very easy and intuitive. The menu browsing works quick enough, except the main menu where the phone slows down sometimes.


Main display without wallpaper • with an animated wallpaper • next picture • main menu

The graphical interface see can be adapted with graphic schemes, setting main display wallpaper and menu background at the same time. Original wallpapers are animated and they see pretty fine on the quality display. There are four of them available in the phone and it's possible to download more of them straight from the producer's web pages.


Various graphic schemes

On the main display you will see a picture of the selected wallpaper. In the top row you will find status icons and the operator's name below them. Two bottom rows accommodate information about date and time and a hint for the actual function of the two keys below the display. After quite a short time a preset display saver appears. Animated savers made by Sony Ericsson are again very attractive.

The main menu is formed in icon matrix: three columns and four rows. You can select an item quick by using an appropriate number key. Number selections are possible also in other menu levels but numbers are not indicated by single items, so you should count the numerical order.


Context menu • next level of the menu

You can assign quick selection of functions to the four directions of the main navigation key. In the car you'll certainly appreciate the possibility of voice control. Sony Ericsson S700 is now without a key on the correct side for starting the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) service as with previous models. Similarly dedicated key is now hidden safer in the block of numeric keys.

At first place in the menu there is an insidious icon for PlayNow service, which also starts connecting the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) browser. By entering the main menu however a Messaging icon is highlighted and you shouldn't acquire to the first picture in the row by mistake.


Beware of the PlayNow icon • voice control menu • shortcuts settings

Maybe you'll ask what the PlayNow function is about. Don't expect something world-shaking. It's a possibility to download MP3 files straight to the mobile where you can play them. That sounds fine so far but the main problem is that these music files are just 30 second demos and can be used only for ringing tones. In every country where the service is supported, a top chart is available and you should view the chart on your mobile. If you'll find a song you like, you can download it. All recent Sony Ericsson phones will be equipped with this multimedia function.

Camera with mobile phone functions

The integrated capturing camera can create pictures of very fine quality in 1280 x 960 pixels resolution. With its setting possibilities it's comparable with a regular digital camera. Other photomobiles can only envy to Sony Ericsson S700 for its excellent picture quality and large display with outstanding color imaging and high resolution.


It looks like a camera

I've already mentioned the handy placement of the exposure compensation on the left forefinger key. You can do more tricks with the camera. It features a possibility of spot metering or setting the white balance in pre-defined modes. You won't be deprived - of course - of a self timer or a night mode functions. In lack of light you can utilize the intensively luminous diode to bring more light to the scene. Possibility to clear the counter of pictures you've made is just a handy complement.

The luminous diode

Pictures are saved in Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) format and you can select whether they will be saved on the memory card or in the phone. If a megapixel resolution is too much for you (for example for a picture assigned in the address book), you can set it to 640 x 480, 320 x 240 or 160 x 120 resolution. You can shoot either in a classic way or in a form of four pictures series. A megapixel picture has an average size of 190 KB.



Camera environment • resolution settings • standby menu

You can decorate pictures with frames or modify them in the phone. The quality is excellent; you can find out from the pictures below. Just hold into consideration that due to the high resolution the pictures are more size demanding. Pictures are positively the best quality I've seen from a capturing camera phone and they are almost as fine as pictures taken with digital cameras.

I would recommendtaking a see especially at the last two pictures of the test diagram


Digital zoom demonstration

You can switch over to video recording mode just by pressing the correct navigation key. Of course it's not possible to record a video in full resolution and its quality is fully comparable to other photomobiles. Look at the demo.


Display during video recording

For managing the internal 32 Mega Bytes (MB) memory and the memory card there is File manager available. Pictures, sounds, video files, graphic schemes, games, applications and other types of files are stored in various thematic folders. You will see pictures preview in default and if you press the joystick it switches over to a full-display mode. You can also select from the context menu and display a picture in horizontal position in order to utilize all the display's space.



File manager handling



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