Samsung D500 Review: Infrared, Games, Data, Programs, Conclusion

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Multimedia and entertainment: functional infrared port

Samsung improved also multimedia files handling. Perhaps we all remember reproaches to older models when it wasn't possible to sdiscontinue and receive a picture or a ringing tone via an infrared port. That's the past already, D500's infrared port is working in both ways. I experienced problems just with java programs. The phone declined to receive such files, perhaps due to a copycorrect protection. Also via Bluetooth we can sdiscontinue all multimedia files in both ways.

Gallery • detail of a picture • editing possibilities

Samsung D500 supports Java MIDP 2.0 and ranks among slightly better than average phones. In jBenchimprint 1.0 test it reached a result 1473 and 154 in version 2.0. Three java games are straight in the phone. To acquire to them you'll have to go through a nosy melody, which plays by entering an appropriate menu. Same melody sounds during downloading java applications from wap - why?!

Games menu

Forgotten Warrior game is 2d arcade game - a prince must rescue a kidnapped princess. Freekick is a nice football game, where you kick on a goal. Arch Angel is a fly-and-shoot game.

Three integrated games

Data: the first one with Bluetooth

It is still early for EDGE at Samsung's; we have to wait for enhanced model D500E. Normal D500 supports General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) class 10. We can connect the phone to a Personal Computer (PC) via a cable, infrared port or Bluetooth. You can download a pack of programs called Easy studio from the Internet and it includes a utility for easy setting of data profiles.

Data connection can be used with an e-mail client and also for wap. Nine rows of the classic text can be displayed on the large display; it is quite a comfortable reading.

D500 is the first Samsung phone that is supporting Bluetooth. No problems occurred during transferring files to the phones and back to a Personal Computer (PC) but most programs in the Personal Computer (PC) couldn't recognize the phone. After all it was successful with the synchronization; I had to utilize the infrared port for the rest of cases. In the Bluetooth settings you can select if the phone will be visible to other devices and it's possible to authorize approved devices, so next time the connection will be initiated automatically. Samsung supports profiles Handsfree, Headset and other common profiles (serial, data transfer, object push, dial-up connection).

Programs for the computer

With the handset, you will not acquire any software Compact Disk (CD) but you can download EasyStudio package on the producer's web page. Get yourselves ready for 124 megabytes of data. Package consists of several parts, which are installed separately. Installation itself has a recent see and signalizes that many has changed.

Installer interface • icons on the desktop

PIM & File Manager: classic application that we know from former Samsung phones. You can edit and backup the phone book; transfer various data to a PC: text messages, calendar events, notes and also call register data; export databases to database files and load them likewise. Part of the application is a file manager, which has direct access to the phone and you can utilize it for example for download of pictures you've made.

Same program as at the former Samsung phones

Personal Computer (PC) Sync: for synchronization data with a PC. It's a recent feature becautilize Samsung phones hadn't supported full synchronization ever before. It is ready to work with Microsoft Outsee and is obviously the first version. But it works and that's the important. Just set Outsee databases you want to synchronize with, select rules how to solve conflicts and press a button. The program will do the rest. At the first time, I was a bit fighting with spontaneous termination of synchronization but finally it helped to unlock access to Outsee for longer time.

Synchronization: interface is not a gigantic deal but it works

Internet Access: program for easy setting of an Internet connection via the mobile phone

Internet connection setting

Universal Serial Bus (USB) driver: driver for a Universal Serial Bus (USB) cable, which you can buy

Image Editor: program for pictures editing

Graphical editor

Samples: wallpapers and ringing tones

Simply excellent mobile

Samsung SGH-D500 is excellent phone. In D500 Samsung rased all drawbacks that we have ever reproached to its older models with the exception of the welcome melody when entering the java games menu. Otherwise, the phone is equipped with plenty applications and except few details it has comfortable and ergonomic control. Excluding smartphones, Samsung D500 is in the same class as Nokia 6230, Sony Ericsson S700i and K700i, i.e. in the top class.

Now it's the correct time to uncover a secret of the memory capacity. Samsung D500 can manage 92 Mega Bytes (MB) of data and another 4 Mega Bytes (MB) are reserved for java applications.

Package content

Samsung is delivered in a black box with silver signs

  • phone

  • battery

  • charger

  • headphones combined with handsfree

  • additional loud handsfree

  • Sound Mate

  • wrist strap



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