Nokia N90 Vs. Sony Ericsson W800: Night Pictures, Flash, Conclusion

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Night pictures

We have tested the external flash type MXE-60, which is made for Sony Ericsson K750 and W800 photo mobiles. It is very small and space saving and uses a xenon light tube. The moment when you connect it to the Fast Port of the phone, the capturing camera menu ads support for the recent device - you can enable, disable the flash or set it to auto.


External flash MXE-60 for Sony Ericsson


Connect it to the Fast Port and after three seconds it will be ready for use

We have taken some pictures in full darkness. We have turned off only the flash and left the night mode, becautilize as a result it has an extreme noise. This time the order is different - in the first column is always the photo taken by Nokia N90 with activated diode flash. Second is the Sony Ericsson W800 photo using the diode flash and third is always the picture taken with the assist of the external flash MXE-60.

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Left to right: N90 • W800 only with diodes • W800 with external flash

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The most authentic color rendition has W800 with MXE-60

 [img]"> [img]">
None of the mobiles managed with the automobiles four meters away in the dark

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MXE-60 flash is very efficient for its size

What's incorrect with your eyes?

Although in Nokia N90 menu exists a red eye reduction option you won't achieve the desirable result after its activation. Sony Ericsson has this function automatically. The red color in eye of the man shot can still be seen when using the lightening diode; everything is all correct after you turn on the external flash.

 [img]"> [img]">
Sony Ericsson red eye reduction is best

Sony Ericsson not only won the night duel due to the quality of its photos, but was easier to operate with. In the blackwe had to hold pictures with Nokia N90 blindly. The scene is lightened just for a moment only when you press the shutter release button. When you utilize Sony Ericsson with flash support the support diodes light up first, so you can see roughly what you are photographing; the phone focuses itself on a closer distance.

Applautilize for the loser too

We can't do anything but announce the winner - Sony Ericsson W800, respectively K750. Nokia N90 creates simply lower quality pictures which could be seen in the samples above. Nokia N90 however managed better with video recording. In short, we have to say that the two manufacturers had produced high quality photo mobiles which might convince some of the current fans of the dual equipment - a phone and a compact digital capturing camera - to switch to a single device.

Which of the two phones you think has a better camera? You can disclose us your thought in our forum.



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