Nokia 6111 Review: MP3 Player, Radio, Camera, Conclusion

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Nevertheless the music player is simple it serves its purpose completely - we must have in mind the fact that the internal memory reaches the size of 23 MB. It is a fine valuation for the phone itself, but is unbelievable insufficient for the full-value MP3 player, moreover - we cannot insert a memory card.


MP3 player • playing options • the equalizer has manual control

The tracks can be played repeatedly or at random, you may create simple list with the songs you want to listen. You can always select only from one place, the Gallery, for example. The sound reaches the ears trough the added HS-23 headphones, becautilize the output is coming trough the Pop-Port. You have to utilize an adapter for 3.5mm jack in order to connect your favorite headphones. The HS-23 headphones are playing quite middling in the medium and high tones. I must commdiscontinue however their surround effect.


The enclosed HS-23 headphones

The built-in radio has mono and stereo sound mode, it has automated station search and is doing it very well. There is a place for storing up to 23 stations. Of course, you can't utilize the radio without the added headphones - the cable serves as an antenna. You may see its functioning on the active standby display.


Radio • functioning of the player on the active standby display

Preprocessed images?

The built-in capturing camera is a full megapixel. Just at the beginning of the test I thought that I would miss very much the memory card slot. But first things first... the maximum resolution is 1152 × 864; there are three lower resolutions - VGA, QVideo Graphics Array (VGA) and 160 × 120 pixels. There are three options for quality setting of the Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) files and just one possible resolution of 176 × 144 for 3GP video capture.


The display as a viewfinder • setting options

The phone is taking photos horizontally; the display switches to landscape mode. The volume control operates the six frecent digital zoom, which is working however only with crops. The built-in flash is strong enough despite its small size. There is too much noise when the night mode is activated; the image on the display lags. Sorry, no superlatives about the camera.

An object in the black• with the flash at close range • at a bigger distance • night mode


The digital zoom creates crops

The capturing camera shutter is just inconvenient; the fact that it is too sunk intrudes its comfortable usage. So, I have used the confirming centre of the navigation key instead during all of the time of the testing. Moreover, the scene captured on the display does not show exactly what is taken by the optics. It is slightly deflected rightwards and is cut. This aggravates the composition in shots taken at close distance.

The capturing camera shutter is too much sunk

The pictures quality is nothing special; Nokia 6111 is susceptible to overexposure, there is not exposure compensation; there is no color balance correction option. Areas with similar colors are melting into the background as after an effect in Photoshop, the pictures see preprocessed. It seems that the internal noise reduction causes this watercolor effect. That's why I suddenly stopped missing the memory card slot.




More sample pictures in full resolution

Some more details

The Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) content can be browsed quite supple due to the supported EDGE Class 10. You may even utilize some regular web sites in case you know the addresses of their text versions.


Entering addresses

You may download a game for Java 2.0 version from Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) or Personal Computer (PC) via Bluetooth or you may entertain yourself with the four built-in games. Besides them, there are also other useful applications like comprehensive currency converter or world time. The purpose of the phone's graphic presentation left a mystery to me. Maybe it is intended for utilize in the mobile phone stores.

Backgammon II • Golf Tour • Rally 3D • Solitaire


Currency converter • Nokia 6111 presentation • world time

Nokia 6111 will meet difficulties on the market. I have already mentioned the competitors in the beginning while describing the design. At about the same price you can acquire the Samsung D500 with better construction and considerably higher quality display. When released the Siemens SL75 can be considered as a competitor too.

The biggest flaw on the beauty of the stylish Nokia 6111 slider is the lack of memory card slot and the lower quality of the camera. What about the conception that is intended only for ladies? May be yes, according to the advertisement spot of the manufacturer, but it may turn men's heads, especially the black version.



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