3GSM Barcelona 2006 Live Coverage: VGA Displays

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The 3Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) Congress in Barcelona was the ideal place for the manufacturers to show a recent technology, which might be used in mobile devices soon. Sharp and Toshiba were demonstrating 2.4" Video Graphics Array (VGA) displays on their stands. Current top of the line high-resolution displays used in the mobile phones are QVideo Graphics Array (VGA) (240x320 pixels). The only exception are some Nokia S60 devices with 352x416 pixels resolution. The Video Graphics Array (VGA) displays have four times the resolution of a QVideo Graphics Array (VGA) display. The pixels of the display are really, really small and as a result the pictures shown on these displays are just impressive.

Sharp Video Graphics Array (VGA) display

Toshiba Video Graphics Array (VGA) display

Since the Video Graphics Array (VGA) displays require four times the computing power compared to the QVGA, they feature a compatibility mode, this way then can show QVideo Graphics Array (VGA) picture, when the additional resolution is not needed.

QVideo Graphics Array (VGA) and Video Graphics Array (VGA) mode

QVideo Graphics Array (VGA) and Video Graphics Array (VGA) mode

More Video Graphics Array (VGA) samples

The future will disclose if these displays will find their way in the mobile phones. Our thought is that they are a lot more needed in devices like digital cameras and specific applications like GPS. In a common device, like the mobile phone, such resolution is just not needed. Some of the users will not see the incompatibility between Video Graphics Array (VGA) and QVideo Graphics Array (VGA) on a 2.4" screen.



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