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Nokia has created its recent 6280 as a substitute for Nokia 6230i. Is this a successful move? Nokia 6280 is literally bulged with functions. On the other hand, it features quite an exotic slide-out construction, which provokes missunderstanding in the discontinue user. Read this detailed mega review to find the respond to this question.

Nokia 6280 - brief summary

In case that you do not have the time or the patience to read the entire review you may want to have a see at the survey of all pros and cons of Nokia 6280 offered below. If you intdiscontinue to read the whole review, however, simply skip the summarized pros and cons for you will find them all in the review chapters.

Nokia 6280 live


Precise design • display slides out silently • possible control in closed mode • card hot swap • landscape picture mode • extremely fine display • fine keypad • 2 megapixel capturing camera • landscape capturing camera mode with view finder across the entire classy screen • decent picture quality • video in 640 x 480 pixels resolution • very quick performance • start-up option without SIM card • recent user interface • remarkable customization options • active stand-by mode • graphic themes • top-quality sound during phone calls • video calls • caller displayed in a gigantic window • standard ringtone option can be substituted by video • gigantic font size option in the phonebook • once synchronized the phonebook can be ordered by last name • intelligent voice dialing • top-quality T9 dictionary • no message shortening • a list of the last several message recipients • mass delete option for delivery reports • very well elaborated alarm clock • well-organized calendar • improved calculator • voice recorder of significant power • built-in radio and MP3 player • application minimization option • playlist editor in Nokia Personal Computer (PC) Suite • easy-to install java applications • fine pre-installed games • EDGE and 3G • easy setup of data connection • free Personal Computer (PC) Suite


Heavy phone • reasonable creak sounds • slide-out mechanism is not stable • extremely rigid switch-off button • "Push to talk" key cannot be assigned any other function • recent type of memory card • no timing option for backlighting • display is not protected • display makes writing somewhat uncomfortable when slid out • limited setup options • lower quality pictures in comparison with other 2 megapixel capturing camera phones • extremely poor macro mode • low video frame rate • insufficient internal memory • poor graphic elaboration of the active stand-by mode • settings buried deep down in the menu structure • loud vibration • phonebook fits in no more than 500 names • email client in Java • attachments of maximum 100 Kilo Bytes (KB) • no automatic downloading of email messages • no text notes option in the calendar • no wallet for saving confidential information • no browser for Office documents • no RDS option in the radio application • earphones with a standard jack can be plugged in through an adapter only • no minimizing option for java applications

Nokia 6280 features a significant number of functions, but lacks an operation system. It belongs to the category of the so called manager phones, it's a high-class phone. It was primary presented in June last year and it hit the stores in the discontinue of January. As you can see, in this case the preparation of the entire launch campaign has taken Nokia a bit longer than usual.

Nokia has created the 6280 model as a substitute for the well-known Nokia 6230 and Nokia 6230i. In terms of functional equipment it will probably be an easy task to complete. The question, however, is whether the discontinue users will put up with Nokia 6280's sliding construction. Given the fact that a major part of the mobile users are still getting used to to clamshell phones, it seems s to be somewhat early for a mass success of the "sliders". This makes me think that a lot of customers will rather go for Nokia 6233, which is still in process of development and is expected to hit the market in August, 2006.

One of them will be knocked down

Along with the 6280 model Nokia has also launched the Nokia 6270 model, which is a small bit more simplified in terms of functions. The latter offers stereo speakers with 3D effects, but does not support WCDirect Memory Access (DMA) and therefore lacks video calls.

Nokia 6270

Design and construction: let's wait for a few more generations

Pros: sprecise design • display slides out silently

Cons: phone • reasonable creak sounds • sliding mechanism plays

The design of the phone is far from innovative. It is a bar decorated with rare silver strip or light gray lining. In result, Nokia 6280 neither bores, nor thrills. This is how all, so called mass phones see like. Just have a see at all successful Nokia models or the well-known phones of other companies from the past - none of them have something to do with extravagancy and emphasized art decoration.

Nokia 6280 is a nice device of classic design

A single see into the mobiles' catalogue helps me classify Nokia 6280 as a small, but heavy device. It belongs to the category of averagely gigantic phones due to its dimensions of 100 x 46 x 21 mm. However, its size of 115 g is just on the border between medium heavy and heavy phones. The proportions of Nokia 6230i, which Nokia 6280 is going to be frequently compared with, are as follows: 103 x 44 x 20 mm, 99 g.

Nokia 6280's covers are made of plastics. They are not removable, which usually supposes a solid overall construction. The only removable part of the phone is its rear cover, which reveals the battery and the SIM card hidden beneath it. Nevertheless, Nokia has not avoided certain light creaks. According to our experience, they will most probably go worse with the time.

Nokia 6280 has originally been introduced in a black color version. A light version has also been prepared though. I do appreciate the matt coat of the covers, which makes fingerprints invisible. The display, however, is a different story, reflecting every finger touch to the very last detail.



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