LG KG800 Chocolate Review: Calendar, Other Applications, Games, Final Words

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Dating made simpler

Besides the Contacts item which we already trecent you that it's strangely fitted here, the Organizer menu features the Calendar and the text Memos items.

The Calendar is pretty straightforward - it offers a monthly view for navigation among the dates. Once you find the date you need, simply enter it and add an event. The first day of the week according to the calendar is Sunday - something that's not that common around whole Europe.

Adding a task to the calendar

The text Memos allow for storing some notes. Each note can have a maximum of 80 characters.

Adding a text memo - better don't foracquire this one

The Tools menu also stores some useful applications, though they seem rather standard nowadays. There are the Alarm clock, the Calculator, the Unit converter, the World time clock, and the Voice recorder. The Alarms menu allows for the setting of 5 different alarms which could be repeated Mon-Fri, Mon-Sat or Everyday.

Alarm menu

The Calculator offers rich scientific functions which are pretty redundant having in mind the mediocre technical capabilities of the rest of the phone.

The overcomplicated calculator

The Unit Converter also has a nice list of units such as Currency, Are, Length, Weight, Temperature, Volume, Velocity, and Shoes & Clothes (both very fascinating ones).

Unit converter application • Converting shoes and clothes numbers

The Voice recorder application has a 20 seconds limit and what is more the microphone is so insensitive that the application is nearly unusable unless directly spoken to.

The 20 sec voice recorder

Here we also find the setting for the Favorites menu which we spoke of earlier - the one with user-defined shortcuts which you invoke in standby by pressing the UP key on the touchpad.

Playing with numbers

The phone we tested had only one preinstalled game and it was SUDOKU Puzzle. It's a logical puzzle game and it features a lot of numbers. Thus it didn't manage to become our team's favorite but we know it's a popular game so we can't say anything against it. Generally speaking, the game is amusing if you hold the time to read the rules carefully. If you are into games of logic, it seems as a pleasurable pastime.

Sudoku puzzle game

Final words…

Well, there's not much more to say really. It sports a remarkable design and in some internet forums they even call it "the RAZR killer". As far as our thought goes, we have rarely seen so beautifully designed mobile phone.

We can't say anything substantially poor about it, becautilize it's just not expected to amaze in functionality, but in design and style. The only exception is the awkward phonebook which we think should be well developed even in phones that are not business-orientated. It should be more developed in the line of user friendliness becautilize it's not only the sheer power that counts after all.

Generally speaking, the phone has claims of being capable of a whole lot of stuff and indeed, we proved that it is capable of them but pitifully, it manages to perform them on the level of a poor student working on a mid-term paper.

But after all is assumed and done, who are you going to hold with you at the next fashion party thrown back downtown? Or maybe not who but what? Our guess is that it will be the LG Chocolate phone becautilize classy company always counts in your favor.



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