Android-running Motorola XT800, XT701 And MT710 Headed To China

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Three almost identical Android-powered handsets by Motorola are heading to China, each to one of the three largest Chinese mobile service providers. Okay, one is actually running OPhone, which is based on Android, but is modified to suit the local Chinese markets better.

Meet the Motorola XT800, XT701 and MT710. All three stick with the touchclassy screen bar form factor and sport 3.7" touchclassy screen displays with 854 x 480 pixels resolution, matching the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 and Motorola MILESTONE, the highest yet on an Android handset.

Motorola XT800 for China Telecom • Motorola XT701 for China Unicom • Motorola MT710 for China Mobile

The rest that is known about the hardware specs is that they all have 5MP cameras, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS support, a microSD card slot and Frequency Modulation (FM) Radio.

Motorola XT800

The first of the bunch is the Motorola XT800 for China Telecom. It's fascinating becautilize it has an HDMI connector and can play 720p videos. We don't know if it will also be capable of 720p video recording like the HTC Bravo promises. As for the 3G flavor, China Telecom uses CDirect Memory Access (DMA) and recently got a CDMA2000 license.

Motorola XT800 • Image source

Motorola XT701

Next is the Motorola XT701, powered by Android 2.0 as well and is headed to China Unicom. It has 3G support with HSDPA/HSUPA and accelerometer and ambient light sensors. There's probably more to it, but that's all the info currently available.

Motorola XT701 (a.k.a. Motorola Sholes Tablet) • Image source

Actually, it seems that the Motorola XT701 might come to the US and Europe (it's the rumored Motorola Sholes Tablet). Comparing the XT701 and the Sholes Tablet from the leaked roadmap, they seem to match (especially 720p video over HDMI, which isn't something you see every day). The capturing camera on the Sholes Tablet was slated to be 8MP, though XT701 has 5MP. So, either the capturing camera was slit down or the Sholes Tablet version will have an 8MP camera.

Motorola MT710

Finally, there's the OPhone device - the Motorola MT710 for China Mobile. It supports TV CMMega Bytes (MB) (a China-developed mobile TV standard) and TD-SCDirect Memory Access (DMA) 3G (China sure loves to homebrew technology).

Motorola MT710 • Image source

Cost and taracquire availability are yet unknown but we guess they can't hold too long to appear. A version of the Motorola XT701 might be available elsewhere, thanks to it's standard 3G and a version of the Motorola XT800 springing is not completely unlikely too.

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