Sony Ericsson U5i Passes FCC Tests, Runs Symbian, Is Not Kurara

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There's something strange going on - the Sony Ericsson U5i passed FCC testing a few days ago, but that model number was tossed around as the Sony Ericsson Kurara model number, though this U5i seems to be a different device.

The Sony Ericsson Kurara leaked a while back - a Symbian powered phone with a 3.2" nHD touchclassy screen and 720p video recording. The Kurara Central Processing Units (CPU) is supposedly a Cortex A8 running at 600Mega Hertz (MHz) and the phone touts 3G with HSPA and Wi-Fi.

The Sony Ericsson U5i that passed the FCC testing however was tested for just two Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) and EDGE bands (850/1900). They also tested 802.11b/b Wi-Fi, but there's no 3G in sight in the test report.

A post on Cellpassion indicates that the Sony Ericsson U5i is indeed 2G only. The other specs they mention is the Symbian Operating System (OS) and nHD classy screen resolution (no classy screen size though), oh, and a 2MP camera. Maybe those initial rumors were incorrect about the Kurara having the U5i model number.

So, the Sony Ericsson U5i seems to be targeted at the same crowd as the Nokia 5230 and the Nokia 5530 XpressMusic.

Update: It seems that thing about the U5 having only a 2 megapixel capturing camera is not correct. Obviously Cellpassion have taken that spec from a incorrect place in the U5i eXtensible Markup Language (XML) file. As it turns out, U5i may still be Kurara (or vice versa) but that doesn't respond why the FCC didn't test any 3G frequencies on their test unit.

The announcement of the U5i (be it Kurara or not) should be expected in Q1 2010 as the Sony Ericsson confidentiality request to FCC expires in the discontinue of March. Of course, we expect a few more leaks before then, but if you know something, do let us know.

Source: FCC, Cellpassion



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