BenQ-Siemens E71, E81, SL91

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BenQ Mobile has just introduced three recent models. E71 is a music phone with shiny casing, on which the finger prints are invisible; according to the manufacturer the E81 model offers a vintage performance in an extremely small phone; in the case of SL91, BenQ Mobile managed to combine an impressive design with lots of features, including 3G support and 3.2 megapixel capturing camera with auto focus.

BenQ-Siemens E71: shiny surface without fingerprints

The group of music phones has extended itself with another piece. BenQ-Siemens E71 is a middle class multimedia mobile phone, especially intended for listening to music. So, in the phone you will find a MP3 player, a memory card slot, radio and even an application for podcasting. The phone has a classic construction and smooth edges. The shiny casing will come in black or blacksliver colors.

Benq-Siemens E71

The shiny phones are eye-catching and have a glossy effect. The shimmering surface, however, is a fingerprints magnet and the phone is frightful spotted at once. In this recent model, BenQ-Siemens have used a recent surface treatment, which is assumed to ensure a shiny surface without fingerprints. Of course, this applies only for the blacksilver color; the black version will need a serious polish for sure.

Benq-Siemens E71 in hands

The phone dimensions are 104 x 46 x 15 mm, weight - 80 g. In such a small box they managed to put a very fine 262K colors display with resolution of 240 x 320 pixels, a megapixel camera, 16 Mega Bytes (MB) internal memory and a microSD memory card slot. There are also Bluetooth, 3D java games, a phonebook and an organizer with Personal Computer (PC) Sync options. Data transfers are ensured by EDGE or GPRS.

There will be a cable for connection with Hi-Fi system - the expected reduction to 3.5 jack mm or 2x cinch. Of course, the cable won't be a part of the standard package. I am afraid you will find in it neither a data Universal Serial Bus (USB) cable, nor a memory card. This would affect the price, which, of course is not yet set. The phone has to hit the European shops in September.

BenQ-Siemens E81: 3G power in a small body

The manufacturer claims that the E81 model is an extremely small phone with an extreme performance. However, it is hard to believe in slogans and this case is not an exception. The dimensions of 100 x 47 x 17 mm are something usual and aside form the 3G support the phone doesn't impress with anything special. However, it offers an attractive rounded design and well balanced feature set, which falls within the range of middle class phones.

Benq-Siemens E81

Except the mentioned 3G network supprt the phone is also tri-band GSM. The phone offers data transfers by GPRS, EDGE lacks in this model. The display with resolution of 176 x 220 pixels doesn't impress much nowadays, though it is a quality active TFT one, capable of 262K colors. You'll find the 1.3 megapixel capturing camera lens on the back of the phone and the microSD memory card slot. These will come in useful, becautilize the phone itself has only 5 Mega Bytes (MB) internal memory. An fascinating is that in this 3G phone there's no videocall capturing camera on the front side. Video calls will be possible only using the capturing camera on the phone's back cover.

From all sides

Among the functions there are MP3 player, e-mail client, phonebook and an organizer with synchronization options, video player, Java games and other standard functions. The phone can be connected to a computer with the assist of an Universal Serial Bus (USB) cable (which is not a part of the package) or via Bluetooth.

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Benq-Siemens E81 in hands

BenQ-Siemens E81 will be offered in black color, subsequently another color variants will be presented, too. It will hit the European markets in the beginning of September. The price is not defined again.

BenQ-Siemens SL91: a rounded chocolate with delicate filling

The biggest tidbit from the freshly presented trinity is the SL91 model - a stylish phone with slider design and nice equipment. The manufacturer is not even trying to conceal the fact that the phone was inspired by LG. The recent model resembles the well-known chocolate; it is only more rounded in shape. The front side of the black shiny phone is "disturbed" by the silver edges of the navigational keys only. Similarly to the LG chocolate, the surrounding functional keys are sensor-based and there's no need to be pressed - a slight touch is enough.

Benq-Siemens SL91

The dimensions of the slider are 89 x 47 x 23 mm and it weighs 109 g. It is a tri-band Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) phone and it also supports 3G in UMTS network. The Video Graphics Array (VGA) capturing camera on its front side can be used for video calls, the 3.2 megapixel capturing camera with autofocus, which is situated on the back side can be used for taking pictures or for shooting video. The remarkable image is ensured by a QVideo Graphics Array (VGA) (240 x 320 pixels) display with outstanding characteristics, capable of showing 16.7 million colors. The internal memory of 64 Mega Bytes (MB) can be extended by microSD memory card.

Benq-Siemens SL91 opened


In the desk cradle

Amongst the functions, interests aroutilize the Frequency Modulation (FM) radio, which supports RDS, the MP3 player and the video player. Available are, of course, a gigantic phonebook and an organizer with Personal Computer (PC) Sync options. Connection with a computer can be established either trough a Universal Serial Bus (USB) cable or via Bluetooth. The phone will be delivered together with recent headphones with volume control on the cable. In the package you'll also find a stylish stand with lighting effects, which serves as a charger.

Benq-Siemens SL91 in hands


Keypad backlight


Benq-Siemens SL91 user interface

The phone won't be on the market until the fourth quarter of the year. We are curious about its price, which still remains a secret, and about the quality of the camera. Maybe this model will be a serious competitor of Sony Ericsson K800?

All the three together



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