Nokia N73 Review: Video Calls, Messages And Emails, Internet

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Nokia N73 works in both Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) and 3G networks. It manages video calls successfully. Calling process alone has remained the same: once the contact or the number to dial has been selected simply select the option Video call from the context menu. Then you need to see at the front lens. Your image will appear in a tiny area on the display, while the rest of it will be occupied by the image of your video call partner. Instead of sending the opposite side a live image of yours, you could only show them a static picture.

And what about messaging?

Compared to earlier Nokia models, the SMS application in Nokia N73 has been left untouched. The higher resolution used in the phone does not bring along the visualization of more lines en bloc than before, but at least makes each line to fit in more letters than before. Font legibility is good.

Nokia N73 is equipped with T9 dictionary. Sent messages are stores in the "Sent" folder. The number of sent and received messages the phone could archive only depends on the amount of available free memory. MMS are supported, of course. The profile for their sending is preset in the phone. The MMS editor is simple and well organized. Along with a text body a MMS could also contain an image, a sound, or a video.

Messaging folder • creating SMS • options to apply in MMS • creating MMS

In order to set up an email box of your own you need to download its content from the respective server. Nokia N73's display shows 4 messages en bloc at most. Emails in HyperText Markup Language (HTML) format acquire visualized without any problem. The email editor works with accounts using POP3 and IMAP4. Besides, you can predefine whether the phone should download the entire message content or previews only; the download of an entire message body requires an additional click. Attachments (documents, tables, images) are downloaded and visualized afterwards.


Email account • text preview owork with attachments

The fabulous browser

It has been more than a month since me and all my colleagues fell in love with the recent browser built in Nokia N73. It is just fantastic. It visualizes pages instantly (3G network is a must) and correctly. Image loading can be deactivated, but even so web pages come out as if real. Naturally, all this requires transferring of a huge amount of data, so create sure you have a flat data contract with your provider. Otherwise, together with browser's abilities you will also have to admire your month bill.

Typing an address

The main cursor is controlled through the joystick, it is a tiny pointer. Controls are pretty similar to those of communicators: utilize the pointer to click on preferred item; to scroll the page go the pointer towards the margins of the selected direction. If you continue to scroll, a mini-map showing your position within the current page comes out - a very vital function for overall orientation. Even though the browser is brilliant, it has one significant disadvantage: its image cannot be displayed in landscape mode. Nokia N73 does not support landscape images even though the browser application itself contains this option (check the same browser built in Nokia E60).

Web browser



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