Motorola RIZR Z3 Review: Web Browser, Organizer, Applications, Games, Conclusion

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Browsers and synchronization

The built-in browser is capable of opening basic web pages but cannot handle java scripts and more serious pages. We recommdiscontinue installing the Opera mini browser which works seamlessly. Synchronization on Motorola RIZR phone can be done in several ways. First of all, there is the MOTOSYNC application which automatically does it through a server if your network supports it. There is also the computer-phone synchronization which can be done with the utilize of the Phone Tools. You can also try and synchronize you contacts and calendar entries manually by sending them to another phone.

Browsing web pages • WebAccess menu

Motosync • Synchronization menu


Motorola's organizing tools are the Calendar, Notes, Calculator and Alarm Clock. The Calendar has month, week and day views. You can add an event with a reminder to haged your schedule on track. The Notes application is inside the Messaging menu and you can write a text note if you have something short to remember. The Calculator is a simple one. The Alarm clock has options to create a repeated alarm or just a single time alarm. Other than that, the applications work as they're supposed to. The Voice Recorder application uses the free memory which means it is practically unlimited.

Tools menu • Calendar month • week • and day view

Alarms • Voice recorder • Calculator

Other applications

There are some preinstalled applications in the phone. One of them is the MotoReader. This application is used for opening Office documents such as Word .doc and Excel .xls files. It is a fine addition to the phone but since it is a Java application it lacks speed of work.

Motorola BACKUP • TEXT • SETUP • HELPMEMOTO • ebay assistant

The BlockBreaker

The only preinstalled game in our testing sample of Motorola RIZR Z3 was the BlockBreaker game which was quite amusing. It is rather easy to control and the game play is intriguing enough for a mobile phone game.

Block Breaker Deluxe Game

Nice design, same interface, some drawbacks.

The phone surely has remarkable of see and feel. Its rubber and metal construction is so solid it makes you proud of it. But the lack of 3G, the strange SIM card solution and some other minor drawbacks makes the score even. So, we think that if RIZR is offered on a reasonable price, it might just become a market hit. If the price satisfies you and the offered pack suites your needs, don't hesitate and give Motorola RIZR Z3 a try.



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