LG LG9400 Maxx Brings 1 GHz Goodness To South Korea

By 04:17 Sun, 08 Aug 2021 Comments

The LG KM900 Arena is getting a replacement - the LG LG9400 Maxx (A.K.A. Arena Maxx). It's launching in South Korea for LG Telecom but if we're lucky and eat our vegetables it just might head out to the rest of the world.

LG LG9400 Maxx (it first leaked as LU9400 so, the LG LG bit might be a typo) is not an "Arena" anymore, but it still is a feature phone with an S-Class user interface, which was upgraded from the previous versions we've seen.

It may surprise you, but at the center of the LG LG9400 Maxx is a Snapdragon Central Processing Units (CPU) running at 1GHz. It's a elegant Qualcomm QSD 8650 chipset rather than the QSD8250 found on Nexus One or the LG GW820 eXpo. QSD 8650 is available in CDirect Memory Access (DMA) and Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) flavors, which gives us hope we'll see the Maxx outside Korea with proper 2G/3G Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) support.

The Maxx boasts a 3.5" touchclassy screen and an optical track pad, Wi-Fi, GPS and HD video decoding as well as T-DMega Bytes (MB) TV (a Korean mobile TV standard). The LG LG9400 Maxx is equipped with a 5-megapixel camera.

LG will release the LG LG9400 Maxx for SK Telecom and KT soon, but we have neither exact date nor price.




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