LG KE970 Shine Review: High-gloss, High-class: Web Browser, Organizer, Games, Conclusion

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Revamped web browser

As much as connectivity is concerned, the phone features 3-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE 900/1800/1900, as well as Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP support.

The integrated Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) browser in the previous LG Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) phones we reviewed didn’t have full HyperText Markup Language (HTML) support and managed to open only simple HyperText Markup Language (HTML) pages such as Google. It was a regular Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) browser used in older phones and it wasn’t even able to open the GSMArena.com website.

On the contrary, the browser integrated in the KE970 Shine is on par with the web browsers used in most recent mobile phones which is a gigantic development for LG. Still it doesn’t feature zoom and landscape mode, but well we can live without that.

After all you can always install the Opera Mini Browser as an additional Java application.

The recent LG web browser

Calendar and other tools

The Calendar is pretty straightforward – it offers a monthly view for navigation among the dates. Once you find the date you need, simply enter it and add an event. Finally, the first day of the week is Monday. All the previous LG mobiles we have reviewed had the week starting on Sunday – something that’s not that common around whole Europe.

Calendar: monthly view • adding a task

There is also a Memos feature that allows for storing some notes. Each note can have a maximum of 80 characters. The Tools menu also stores some other useful applications, though they seem rather standard nowadays. There is the Alarm clock, the Calculator, the Unit converter, the Stop watch and the World time clock. Much like on KE800 Platinum the Alarm clock allows for setting only one alarm, which can be repeated. It’s a certain downgrade since the original KG800 Chocolate allowed for the setting of 5 different alarms.

Alarm clock: only one alarm!?

The Calculator is completely redesigned to work with seamlessly with the recent navigation solution and offers two modes – a regular calculator and a scientific one.

Calculator: basic and science mode

The Unit Converter also has a nice list of units such as Currency, Area, Length, Weight, Temperature, Volume, and Velocity.

Unit converter application • converting area units

As we’ve seen so far the LG KE970 is among the most mature Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) product of the Korean manufacturer that is trying to build its reputation of offering not only fashionable but also high-tech mobile products.


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