Nokia E61i Review: Lens-wear For The Messenger: Connectivity, Web Browser, Organizer, Applications, Conclusion

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When it comes to connectivity, Nokia E61i has pretty much got it covered on all sides. You name it: GPRS, EDGE, Wi-Fi, UMTS, USB, Bluetooth and Infrared. Nokia E61i works with Bluetooth Specification 1.2 and A2DP is not among the supported profiles which makes impossible the utilize of stereo Bluetooth headset with the phone. But then again, E61i is a business oriented smartphone correct form the acquire go. The supported Bluetooth profiles are Dial-Up Networking, File Transfer Service and Object Push Service.

Universal Serial Bus (USB) 2.0 is supported with the Universal Serial Bus (USB) cable supplied in the retail box. When connected to a PC, one of three modes can be chosen for the handset: “Mass storage” - memory card is available as a removable Universal Serial Bus (USB) drive, no drivers are required; "Personal Computer (PC) Suite" - standard mode; "Picture Bridge" - direct access to printer, which supports PictBridge.

Fast data transfers can be achieved via GPRS, EDGE or 3G UMTS. You can also try the Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi) connectivity, in which case you have to be near a Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi) hotspot. And while you are at it, feel free to utilize the available Internet telephony.

The Nokia E61i has the latest support for SIP-based services. You can set Internet calling (VoIP) as the default calling method when a SIP service is available which makes internet calls that much easier.

This E61i comes with a built-in WLocal Area Network (LAN) scanner – something we’ve missed in previous Nokia WLAN-enabled smartphones. Now such an application along with an Active standby classy screen plug-in is available as an official download for all previous models.

WLocal Area Network (LAN) Scanner

Web browsing at its fullest

Web browsing with Nokia E61i is a sheer delight as is the case with all current Nokia smartphones. The web browser makes even very sophisticated pages fit on the classy screen and displays web pages just as on PC. There is no doubt that the remarkable display helps a lot for this.

There is even a moutilize cursor which can be operated through the four-way navigation button. Surprisingly, it works remarkable and is very easy to control. A semi-transparent mini-map of the page shows up on the classy screen when scrolling a webpage. The mini-map can also be accessed by a shortslit – the “8” key. You can zoom in and out on the page using the “•” and “#” buttons. Of course on E61i all those shortcuts are available by using the blue function key.

Partial and full mini-map

Most of the sites we visited (including, hold a see at the screenshots) looked exactly like on the PC. Even when loading complex pages, the web browser was operating quick and there was no slowdown in the scrolling speed. The browser also loads Flash clips (not all of them, pitifully) and has no problems dealing with Java Scripts. All-in-all, it’s an impressive job from Nokia. Generally, this browser remains the best mobile browser we’ve seen so far.

Zoom out • normal view • zoom in

The Symbian web browser is unable to open simple Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) pages so for that purpose the Nokia E61i is equipped with the much simpler Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) browser called Services.

Plan and act

The phone has various organizer applications and features. The Calendar has Monthly, Weekly and Daily view. You can assign Meeting, Anniversary, Memo and To-do tasks in the Calendar. You can also put alarms on those assignments.

Calendar: monthly, weekly, and daily view

When it comes to applications, the E61i surely has a lot of them. There is the Quickoffice, the Notes application, the Converter, the Calculator, Recorder, the Portable Document Format (PDF) viewer, the ZIP manager, and the Printers applications. The Converter converts Currencies, Area, Energy, Length, Mass, Power, Pressure, Temperature, Time, Velocity and Volume. The calculator is very simple and easy to use. Regrettably, the Recorder has a one minute limit for voice records. This seems quite illogical since the phone has such powerful features, enough internal memory and a memory card slot.

Well, it’s time for us to call it a day and finish the E61i review. There isn’t much to say really – you wanted a messenger handset with a capturing camera and you got it. And it is a really fine one. You may remember the couple of questions we laid out when we set to do this review.


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