AppleStore US To Sell IPhones Contract-free, Still Locked Though

By 06:10 Sun, 08 Aug 2021 Comments

Summer is coming and so is the next generation of iPhone. That sounds like a fine reason for Apple and AT&T to acquire rid of the recent iPhones and create some room for the recent batch. And indeed, they are about to do so.

Reportedly, as of next week you will be able to grab a contract-free iPhone 3G or 3GS straight from the Apple Store. Here comes the poor news: they will be neither cheap… nor unlocked?!

It's this time of the year again. Exactly a year ago Apple and AT&T started offering the iPhone 3G 8GB commitment-free for 599 US dollars and the 16GB version for 699 US dollars.

AT&T to offer iPhone 3G and 3GS at full price

This year those same prices are valid for the recent 3GS generation. A price tag of 599 US dollars gets you an iPhone 3GS 16GB, while the 32GB variety runs for 699 US dollars. You can still acquire an iPhone 3G 8GB as well for about 499 US dollars, which is kinda steep.

However, unlike last year's iPhones, this year the commitment-free iPhones are still locked to AT&T network. But unlike last year's - you no longer have to be an AT&T customer to score the deal.

Oh, and only one per person per day. And there's a lifetime limit of 10 per person. Sorry!




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