Samsung E590 Review: Simple On Purpose: Display, Keypad, User Interface, Phonebook, Call Management

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Small but fine

The Samsung E590 has a relatively small 1.8" TFT display with a resolution of 220 x 220 pixels. It's not a groundbreaking resolution, but the display is really fine. The legibility under direct sunlight is alright, but we've seen better displays by Nokia. The handset features the so-called Sunlight mode to improve visibility, but this mode is only available in the capturing camera interface. The Samsung E950 (don't acquire the E950 and E590 mixed up), which we reviewed recently had that option throughout the whole user interface.

We liked the keypad of the Samsung E590 very much with its gigantic rounded keys with ample space between them. Typing is easy and the keys have excellent tactile feedback. Navigation is entrusted to a joystick, which is not common for the South Korean company. We suppose the Jasper Morrison studio is pretty much responsible for it. The joystick is comfortable enough, no reason for grudges.

Display and keypad in the black• the keypad has an even white backlighting

Pimp my dial pad

Using Samsung E590 as a regular phone is a nice experience, too. The sound levels are loud enough, while during calls the sound quality is as fine as it might be expected from any contemporary phone.

Calling our fridiscontinue Dexter

Dialing a number has always been fun with Samsung, as you always have some sort of dialing animation or a choice of several ones. With the E590 you only have one animation or you can choose to type your numbers in color. When dialing a number, the Samsung E590 has a nice feature called simple search, which looks up your phonebook for contacts whose numbers contain the digits you've typed. Samsung D900 (the first Ultra lineup) doesn't have that feature, while Samsung U700 (the second Ultra lineup) has an even more advanced version of it, called Smart search.

Dialing animation • font colors is white here but you can create it colorful too

User interface in black or white

The Samsung E590 home classy screen is fully user-configurable. Service icons provide information on signal strength, battery, as well as info about the inserted memory card. Several clock styles are available. You can set a photo or other image as a background, and even utilize two or more alternating images. The proprietary Samsung uGo feature automatically updates the home classy screen background to display landmarks of the city or country you're in. The scenery even changes when night falls. In standby the upwards direction of the joystick activates the proprietary Samsung My Menu. It features several user-configurable shortcuts for your convenience.

Stand-by display • No network coverage (sky is overcast) • night falls

The user interface of the E590 is quite common and is used in all current Samsung handsets - it's called uMenu. The number of the main menu icons is a total of nine and, as with most previous models, the menu features a white color scheme. It proves useful when you utilize the handset in the colorful sunlight.

Main menu in black and white skins

A much contested feature of all recent Samsung phones, the last used items and sub-items are highlighted by default when you open a submenu. We like it this way and it proves useful when you utilize a given feature more than once. Of course, some may not agree.

As with almost all of the past Samsung handsets, no ringing profiles are available. All you have at your disposal is the Silent and Normal ringing modes.

We liked the keypad of the Samsung E590 very much with its gigantic rounded keys with ample space between them. Typing is easy and the keys have excellent tactile feedback.


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