Nokia 6110 Navigator Review: Know Your Way: Web Browser, Organizer, Applications, Games

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Connecting people

Connectivity on Nokia 6110 Navigator is achieved via Bluetooth v2.0 or through a Universal Serial Bus (USB) cable. The phone also has a microSD card slot if you prefer to exchange data through card readers but that is not very likely as the phone itself supports data storage mode for Universal Serial Bus (USB) connection, which makes the memory card appear as a removable hard drive to your PC. Network connectivity is among Nokia 6110 Navigator's elements. It supports all the four bands and has 3G too. HSDPA ensures even better data transfer speed and EDGE can be used in areas where 3G networks are not available. All in all, rarely will connectivity in Nokia 6110 let you down.

Web browser: making a difference

Now, this is yet another field where Nokia 6110 Navigator scores great. Browsing the web with the phone is very enjoyable and user-friendly. The remarkable web browser makes even very large and elaborate pages fit on the classy screen and the experience is almost as fine as browsing on a computer. The large display also contributes to that.

There is even a moutilize cursor, which can be operated through the four-way navigation button. It works remarkable and is very easy to control, except for the uncomfortable joystick. A semi-transparent mini-map of the page shows up on the classy screen when scrolling a webpage. The mini-map has its own hotkey - the "8" key. You can zoom in and out on the page using the "•" and "#" buttons. These features are also available on the Options soft key. Furthermore, the browser excels in speed and shows no slowdowns in scrolling. Add the Java scripts and Flash support, and you'll see the browser in Nokia 6110 is worth the effort of the Nokia's R&D department.

Browsing With Nokia 6110 Navigator, web browsing is sheer pleasure

Plan ahead

The phone also offers a remarkable variety of organizer applications and features. The Calendar, as usual, has Month, Week and Day views and gives you the ability to schedule Meeting, Anniversary, Memo and To-do events in it. An alarm can be assigned to those of them you need to be reminded of.

The lack of the Quick office applications was a real downer with Nokia 5700. Luckily they are back with the Navigator and are working like a charm. Excel, Word and pdf files are no problem for the Nokia 6110 Navigator, which handles them without any delays, freezes or crashes.

Nokia 6110 Navigator manages .doc and .xls files seamlessly

Adobe Reader does a remarkable job

Other applications include Calculator, unit converter and voice recorder. Luckily, the days before the introduction of Feature Pack 1, when voice recording was reduced to a miserable minute, are now long forgotten.

Calculator, converter and voice recorder application

Finally, we once again meet the Tutorial - a very user friendly application that describes the main functions of the phone through a nice series of slides.

Tutorial application is a user-friendly way to see the phone's capabilities

The included Sports Tracker application is a GPS based activity one designed for S60 smartphones, that automatically fills up your training diary with all the information from your workout. It records speed, distance and time and stores them in your phone with the date and time of each training session, so you can haged track of progress.


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