Motorola RAZR2 V8 Review: New Edge To RAZR: Dislpay, Ergonomics, CrystalTalk, Speakerphone Test

By 09:18 Sun, 08 Aug 2021 Comments

Good news on Display

Generally, we are pleased with both the ergonomics of the Motorola V8 and the solid feel of the device. Its shape and dimensions create it nice to talk on, too. However, we did notice a minor flaw and it concerns opening the clamshell single-handedly. There is no recess where you can rest your finger to open the flip. Additionally, given the polished metal casing, the handset somewhat easily slips off your fingers. The folding mechanism works like a charm though: the hinge holds softly and evenly to ensure a smooth flip open.

Motorola V8 held in hand

With dual display handsets we've seen enough small external displays boasting thousands of colors but offering dismal legibility. This is definitely not the case with the outer display of Motorola V8. Calling it secondary will be quite an insult actually, as the sole incompatibility between the two screens is 0.2 inches in diagonal. Color rendering and legibility under direct sunlight are splendid. It is vital to mention that both displays have one and the same backlighting source. However, only the main display is customizable, while the external one cannot have its brightness adjusted. Additionally, the display specs claim 40% of backlighting goes to the external and 60% is marked off for the internal screen. The inner 2.2" QVideo Graphics Array (VGA) TFT display itself is stunningly crisp and bright, offers vivid colors and is legible even at the medium brightness level. All in all, we are very pleased with the displays of Motorola V8 and think they're worth a wholehearted thumbs-up. The keyboard has even, but rather soft white backlighting, which is not of much use. One can't assist frowning at the difference, comparing it to the colorful main display.

Good external display • Unfolded V8 - crisp and colorful internal display contrasts to the barely visible keyboard

CrystalTalk - real-like voice

CrystalTalk, a proprietary Motorola technology is here to greatly enhance quality of calls.

CrystalTalk combines voice enhancement technologies like microphone noise reduction, noise adaptive speaker enhancements, and on some products - a full duplex speakerphone. All enhancements improve the clarity and intelligibility of speech in noisy environments. Striving to deliver loudness and maintain quality simultaneously, CrystalTalk adjusts the audio quality based on ambient noise conditions to provide the optimal conversational experience. Both the microphone and earpiece grill are of ample size but still see stylish.

As we managed to confirm it really does a remarkable job. The caller voice was so clear and real, it almost felt like a face-to-face. Almost all of the background noise is suppressed.


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