Motorola RAZR2 V8 Review: New Edge To RAZR: Organizer, Additional Applications, Games, Conclusion

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Applications: more than enough

Motorola V8 offers adequate time-management features and a nice assortment of additional applications. Under Office Tools in the main menu, several applications are available: File Manager, Calendar, Motosync, Download manager, Alarm clock, World Clock, Calculator, IM client, Task list, Notepad and Google. Let us focus on the calendar, alarm clock and world time, as well as with the to-do list and notepad.

The nice and user-friendly Calendar offers monthly, weekly and daily views. Adding a recent calendar event opens a menu of four tabs. The first tab is for entering event details such as type, subject, location, date, time, etc. The second tab has a note field only. The third tab is for setting event priority and the last one is for repetition only.

Calendar menu: month view • day view oweek view • adding an event

The Alarm Clock has three alarm slots available. Each one offers a lot of options - you can choose to repeat the alarm on chosen days of the week or everyday, as well as weekdays or weekends only. The snooze time and alarm volume are settable as well. The World clock shows the time in three cities simultaneously. Map view and comparison view are the options to display the three clocks. We find the comparison view more helpful, with the current time highlighted and other times of the day also listed for an hour-by-hour comparison.

Alarm clock • setting an alarm

The Calculator is the standard Motorola application offering the basic functions. The To-do List is another application under Office Tools. Tasks can be two types: simple tasks and phone calls and can be set reminders when their deadline expires. You can also write and store notes on your RAZR2 V8, using Notepad under Office Tools. Voice notes can be recorded too.

Calculator • tasks • notes

There are also some extra applications located in the Games and Applications section, namely Motorola Backup, Motorola Setup, Motorola Text, Rough Guides Mobile, as well as, Football and Sudoku.

An intriguing feature is that you can place the various applications and even games throughout the different submenus as you please. There is no problem, for example, to go a game to the Office folder - it's all flexible, it's all up to you.

Backup is an application providing wireless backup of your contacts on the Motorola backup server, plus the option to manage contacts online. Having set the feature, all you need is a General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) connection, for the data to acquire synced. Similarly, the Motorola Text application copies messages from your handset and stores them on the secure Motorola Text server. Those two applications let you add, delete and update your contacts online using your Personal Computer (PC) keyboard instead of your phone's keypad. You are also able to read and respond to your messages. Motorola Setup is another handy application, which automatically gets the required settings for internet and MMS.

Motorola Backup • creating an account • Motorola Text

Last but not least, the Rough Guides Mobile is a piece of software jointly developed by Creativity Software Ltd, Rough Guides, Motorola and ViaMichelin. It provides travelers with information about points of interest in hundreds of cities across Europe. This application draws on the trusted content of Rough Guides, the acclaimed publisher of travel information.

No doubt Motorola RAZR2 V8 is a stylish mobile phone, a high-flier in design, adequate in functionality. Motorola faithfuls will hail it, while many other unbiased users are likely to find it agreeable. The Motorola RAZR V3 was near revolutionary back in its day but three years after it was introduced, the glory has started to fade.


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