Holiday Gift Guide 2007: Our Christmas Carol: Slim Phones

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Trimmed to the last millimeter

Having the slimmest handset around has turned in to a sort of a challenge for a lot of users. And while for quite some time some of the major manufacturers have abstained from participating in this cat-and-moutilize game of making mobile phones as slim as possible, Samsung is working hard on being on top of that sport ranking.

With the introduction of its Ultra II lineup, Samsung scored the slimmest bar, slider and clamshell in world all at the same time. The most popular of them all however turned out to be the slider. Standing at only 10.9 mm, the Samsung U600 wins the attention of potential users with a classy design, a moderately capable 3.2 megapixel camera, a wonderful display and a tempting price tag.

The Sony Ericsson W880 is the slimmest Walkman today with only 9.5 mm thickness. It offers a really pleasant metallic finish and the usual high music performance. As many stores will be throwing some serious power memory cards along with music phones of this kind, you may acquire a really fine deal for it.

Samsung U600 (EUR 185) | review • Sony Ericsson W880 (EUR 200) | review

The Nokia 6500 classic is the slimmest offering by Nokia. It features an ultra slim, seamless design, 1GB of onboard memory and attractive metallic design. At only 9.5 mm the Nokia 6500 classic won't snatch the world record however it's still fine enough for us.

The Nokia 6300 is 11.7 mm thick and is the first slim Nokia. It grabbed the attention of the public with solid build quality and no-nonsense features. It offers a pleasant alternative to its overpriced sibling the Nokia 6500 classic.

Nokia 6500 classic (EUR 215) | review • Nokia 6300 (EUR 155) | review

You should also consider…

Speaking of world records, you probably noticed we didn't include the slimmest bar phone in the world - the Samsung U100. The reason is that it didn't gain as much popularity as its slider sibling. However if you are into extreme thin mobile phone - we are talking mere 5.9 mm, this may be the deal for you.

Just in case you are short on budacquire and are looking for a slim handset that offers all the essentials, another Korean phone - the Samsung E200 might be just for you. With a stylish design and a solid build, the Samsung E200 makes its 9.9 mm stand out in the lower-tier crowd.

For even less millimeters you might as well grab the Samsung Z170, a 3G-enabled handset with video calls that stands at only 9.5 mm.

Samsung U100 (EUR 165) | review • Samsung E200 (EUR 120) • Samsung Z170 (EUR 125)

Last year's tops were…

Last year the slim gang was led again by Samsung. The first Ultra lineup is still a fine choice that offers slim handsets with plenty of features. The Samsung P310 even throws in some classic style. All of those can be found at a moderate price now, but consult their specifications in order to find the correct one for you.

Samsung X820 (EUR 125) | review • Samsung D830 (EUR 135) • Samsung D900 (EUR 150) | review • Samsung P310 (EUR 245) | review

All prices are strictly indicative. They are taken from various online resources and they do not include taxes or carrier subsidies. Your local street prices will probably differ.



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