Nokia 6500 Slide Review: Slide Over Slim: 360-degree Spin, Design, Construction

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Boxing OK

Nokia 6500 slide offers the usual box contents topped with some extras. In the slim package, which quite resembles the 6500 classic box, we found a charger (AC-4 Nokia Charger), a wired handsfree (HS-47 Nokia Wired Stereo Headset) and a microUniversal Serial Bus (USB) cable (CA-101). Much like in the slim 6500 classic, the not-so-popular microUniversal Serial Bus (USB) format is used. Currently, spare cables are somewhat hard to be found.

The extras we mentioned are the TV-Out cable (CA-92U Nokia TV-Out Cable) and the pre-bundled 256 Mega Bytes (MB) microSD card. Leaving that aside, the box reveals a Compact Disk (CD) with the required Personal Computer (PC) sync software, a manual and, finally, a quick start guide.

The slim box • unboxing • voila

Nokia 6500 slide 360-degree spin


Stylish slide

Well, there is no point comparing the slender girth of 6500 classic with the 6500 slide. Almost as thick as most normal bar-shaped handsets, the real strength of Nokia 6500 lies in the stylish design that we are really like.

The solid feel and superior materials and the large and tactile keys and controls are just the correct beginning of the user's relationship with the 6500 slide.

Here is how 6500 slide stacks up in the dimension scale - compared to the truly thin and compact Samsung Armani phone and another Finnish slider, the Nokia N95 8GB.

Nokia 6500 slide compared to the tiny Samsung Armani phone

Nokia 6500 slide alongside Nokia N95 8GB

Being of two minds about choice of appearance isn't the case with Nokia 6500 slide, as it only comes in silver, unlike Nokia 6500 classic, which has a black and a bronze outfit to choose from.

Examining the handset's body, one thing is strikingly noticeable: the crowded top side is not something we're used to seeing in mobile phones. But, one thing at a time, let's now start with the face of Nokia 6500 slide - the front panel.

The earpiece grill is placed dead center at the top, encompassed by the ambient light sensor and the secondary QCIF videocall camera, with the 2.2" display correct under it. The display itself is of praiseworthy quality but we'll come back to that later in our review.

2.2" display, earpiece, ambient light sensor and the secondary QCIF video-call capturing camera on the front

Let us now pay due respect to the keypad. A few things ought to be mentioned here. Beginning with the fine news, we have to say that the D-pad and the surrounding Call, End and two soft keys are among the best we have ever touched.

The D-pad and the surrounding keys, as well as the keyboard are ample and comfortable

This applies to an even greater extent to the standard alphanumeric sliding keyboard. Each key is gigantic enough and the topmost row of keys enjoys a sufficient amount of headroom to ensure hassle-free usage. The tactile feedback is great.

"...The sliding mechanism ruins the fine impression. Generally, it is quite rigid and requires a hefty push halfway up until the spring steps in to finish off the sliding. Other than that, we spotted visible marks on the keys left by the sliding part that would potentially develop into more distinct grooves upon intensive usage...."


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