Sony Ericsson Shakira Makes A Debut, A New XPERIA X10 Offshoot

By 12:15 Sun, 08 Aug 2021 Comments

It's been a while since we've seen fascinating Sony Ericsson leaks and we thought they don't have any upcoming phones worth leaking. But we were wrong. Meet Shakira, a phone reusing XPERIA X10 design all over again.

If we assume the original XPERIA X10 is about size XL, and the XPERIA X10 mini is about size XS, then we can safely call the Sony Ericsson phone codenamed Shakira size M. Sony Ericsson obviously are keen on reusing the nice design of the XPERIA X10 on devices in various formats so everyone can find their favorite.

The only thing they've gotta do now is a Pro version with a QWERTY keyboard. For all we know, Shakira could be hiding one on its back too. Anyway, soon size won't be an issue when you're choosing an XPERIA X10 smartphone.

So far we don't know any specs except that it runs Android 1.6 and that it has the same aspect classy screen as the original XPERIA X10 so probably the same resolution. You can clearly see the videocall capturing camera as well, so 3G connectivity should be also on board. We hope more info will surface soon. If, of course, the device turns out real.

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