Nokia 8800 Arte Review: Art Of Seduction: Connectivity, Web Browser, Organizer

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Connectivity: Good all-rounder

Connectivity is decently covered in Nokia 8800 Arte. The main focus here is Universal Serial Bus (USB) and it is really seamless. Upon Universal Serial Bus (USB) pairing you're prompted to select the connection mode. You can then alternate the modes by only a few keypresses. Moreover, Mass storage is available, allowing your phone's memory to be directly accessed from a computer.

The Bluetooth version is 2.0 and it supports the A2DP profile, which allows stereo wireless connection. The rest of the connectivity options include the network support - luckily Nokia 8800 Arte supports 3G for faster data transfers, as well as EDGE and GPRS.

The obvious absence here is the memory card slot, which is sometimes the most convenient way of transferring information, Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi) and the Infrared port.

Web browsers: Opera Mini does the job

Nokia 8800 Arte has two Web browsers straight out-of-the-box. The well-known S40 integrated Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) browser, which also manages HyperText Markup Language (HTML) pages, has no significant changes in functionality and is almost identical to the one used in the Nokia Luna. Font size modifications are available, as usual. When set to the smallest font, the display visualizes up to 11 text lines. Direct address entering is available too. The browsing experience with this application however is nowhere near the standard of Nokia smartphone browsers.

The built-in web browser

The browser faces serious competition from another brilliant application - the well-known Opera Mini Java application. The latter is pre-installed and is definitely our first choice for browsing the web on Nokia 8800 Arte. Besides, Nokia seem to share this point of view as they have placed a shortslit to Opera Mini correct in the Main menu, facilitating access to the browser. Opera Mini is by far the more intuitive application, fitting text better than the integrated browser. If only the classy screen was a small bigger web-surfing would have probably been absolutely remarkable with the Arte. It is still on a decent level as it is.

The Opera mini web browser makes most pages see like on a desktop PC

Organizer: time-proven performance

The organizer of Nokia 8800 Arte has undergone very small changes when compared to the other S40 models. Not that it needs many, as it is handling time-management almost perfectly. Month, week, and day views are available for the calendar. The week can start on Monday, Sunday, or Saturday. There are also five types of events available for setting up: reminder, meeting, call, birthday and memo. Further, each type of event has its own unique fields like start and discontinue time, type of alert with various advance intervals, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly repetition.

The different calendar view modes and the events available for setting up

There is also a handy to-do manager that enables you to categorize you tasks in three priority levels. Tasks can be alerted of, as well as marked off once accomplished. They are easily synced with the calendar application. Text notes are available as well; their length limit is 3000 characters.

The to-do manager helps you organize your tasks better

"...Nokia 8800 Arte has also a cool feature utilizing the built-in sensor that shows the clock when you shake the phone twice. It also works upon tapping the keypad cover twice but this way isn't as smooth..."


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