A Very Sad And Touching Story That Happened In Uganda

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My name is Harriet Namayengo, I¡¯m 40 years old and i come from Lugazi, Uganda. I¡¯m a married lady but with no children. I¡¯ve written this letter to fans of this page to share with you my pain that I¡¯ve always lived with. It¡¯s pain of childlessness that was inflicted upon me by my heartless co-wife.

It all happened 12 years ago. I had just completed my Nursing course and i was working in one of the missionary hospitals in Uganda. While still at school, ifell in love with James, a medical officer inEastern Uganda. James was such a nice man that he always visited me at school and showered me with so many presents.

This honestly convinced me that he was single as he had told me. While in my last year at the Nursing school, i got pregnantand so James arranged for our wedding, I had already been assured a job at the hospital, he decided to put me in his house in Kampala. The shock of my life however came shortly after i gave birth to my baby gal. It was then that James disclosed to me that he was so excited coz i had finally given him a baby gal since he had 5 sons. I was surprised and when i told him to repeat what he had said; he apologized and said it was a mistake.

I could see it in his eyes that he was hiding something from me so i probed him further. This is when he told me that he was actuallymarried and had a wife with 5 sons. I was disappointed but confused since i loved James so much.

He organized a meeting in which he introduced to me his first wife. At first myco-wife pretended to be so nice, which shocked me. My co-wife began frequenting my home claiming that she wanted to see James. This was so frustrating because James had a time table for both of us.

Her intentions however cruelly manifested when on coming back one day, i found my baby missing. I called my maid and asked her where the baby was,she told me she had left her at home (my home) with Mama Davis (my co-wife). My blood soon ran cold when i landed on a note from my co-wife that instructed me to check in the kitchen formy surprise ¡®GIFT¡¯. My intuition told me there was a problem and indeed i was right. On reaching the kitchen, i smelt a burning meat. There was a big sauce pan on the cooker and upon opening it, i saw my baby boiling.

This surely was the scariest sight I¡¯ve been subjected to in my whole life. Ever since that day, I¡¯ve never seen my co-wifeagain though i heard that she had run mad and was roaming on the streets of Narobi, Kenya. I¡¯m haunted by the image of my daughter. I now hate men and decided never to fall in love again. Do you think the choice of not falling in love which I made is going to help me? Cos I feel better the way I am.



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