Samsung F480 Review: Touchdown!: Camera, Connectivity, Web Browser

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Promising camera

Samsung F480 equipped with a 5 megapixel capturing camera with a maximum resolution of 2560 x 1920 pixels. It also has a Light Emitting Diode (LED) flash, but it's rather inadequate and you shouldn't probably count on it too much.

The capturing camera interface has been tweaked both in terms of looks and functionality with Samsung F480. We find it to be the most convenient capturing camera interface on a touchclassy screen device so far. All the widely advertised features of Samsung cameraphones are here. Wide dynamic range, face detection, anti-shake, you name it. The face detection feature does not work nearly as reliably as on Samsung U900 Soul but is still performing on a fine general level.

Camera user interface

In terms of image quality however there are white balance issues, which we are hoping will be fixed in the final version of the handset. A very strong red tint appears on the photos as a result of incorrect white balance settings. We tried shooting at different settings but none of the available managed to acquire rid of the red tint. However fixing the white balance of a capturing camera is the easiest software fix a company can do and we believe that Samsung will solve this problem - after all we had a beta unit for reviewing.

We are not however so certain about the other disadvantage of the camera: its speed. It takes about 5 seconds to save a picture and that is by far not the fastest time on the market. On the other hand the pictures might just be worth the wait.

The Samsung F480 image processing algorithm is quite well worked out, noise brought to a very low level without sacrificing much detail. The pictures see smooth and the dynamic range is surprisingly fine for a cameraphone of this size. Highlights and/or shadow-clipping were very rarely seen, except for the red channel which was sometimes clipped but that is due to the white balance issue we mentioned. Once it is fixed, it would be safe to conclude that this is the best capturing camera mounted on a phone of such modest dimensions and truly one of the most capable on the market.

Samsung F480 sample photos

It is more than obvious that Samsung have improved the image quality of their cameras recently. Only a short time ago we saw the Samsung U900 Soul perform better than the N95 8GB in our impromptu shootout and now the F480 brings another pleasant surprise.

Here are the sample pictures we took with the phone so you can see for yourselves.

Bothered by the red tint? Here is then how the photos are looking after the white balance was corrected with a picture editing application. No other changes have been made. Not bad, is it?

Sample photos with corrected white balance

The video recording capabilities of Samsung F480 aren't really spectacular. It captures videos in QVideo Graphics Array (VGA) resolution at 30fps. This might have been a decent achievement about a year ago but now it is getting obsolete. After all, the LG Viewty is able to do 120fps in QVideo Graphics Array (VGA) resolution. Numbers speak for themselves, don't they?

Check out a sample video captured with the Samsung F480 camera.

All but Wi-Fi

With Samsung F480 you can count on 3G with HSDPA speed and General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) for browsing internet on the go. EDGE is also present as a handy back-up for browsing in areas where 3G network is missing.

In addition to the network connectivity options, Samsung F480 also offers seamless Universal Serial Bus (USB) connectivity. Upon connecting, one of the three modes gets activated. You can also opt for the handset prompting you every time to select which profile should be used.

"...The web browser has two view modes. The desktop page rendering makes the pages appear as on a common desktop PC. The smart-fit mode however is an entirely different story. It makes the pages fit perfectly on the 2.8" QVideo Graphics Array (VGA) classy screen and reading is greatly improved..."


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