LG KT610 Review: Communicator Wannabe: 360-degree Spin, Design, Construction

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LG KT610 360-degree spin

The LG KT610 dimensions of 108.9 x 53.9 x 17.2mm are desperately short of compact in regular phone terms. However, it's the most pocketable communicator-style handset around.

The same holds accurate for the weight of 125.5 grams - a fine achievement for the class but far from spectacular in common mobile terms.


Design and construction

The LG KT610 was never meant to be a hot looker, so don't count on the exquisite finish of the LG KF750 Secret. The form factor isn't exactly the kind to expect design miracles but the LG approach is fascinating enough. The KT610 is simply not a foldable eye-sore: the neat and simple exterior, the smaller dimensions and, above all, that vintage see give it a charm of its own.

When closed, LG KT610 looks so 1998 with its tiny classy screen and giant keypad and controls. Looks on the inside are way more conventional, simplicity and ease prevailing again. One still can't assist but wish the classy screen was bigger. The 4:3 aspect ratio is probably just as vital for compatibility but it looks like a lot of space was simply wasted.

LG KT610 resembles a retro phone when closed

The folding top of LG KT610 locks in two positions. The first is at about 120 degrees, which is very comfortable for desktop use. In this position the KT610 is best used sitting on your desk. The other position is full flat and it's more convenient for holding the phone in your hands.

The two positions of the folding top

The earpiece of LG KT610 is located at the top of the folding front, the mouthpiece is at the very bottom, while the stereo speakers are on either side of the internal display.

There is a loudspeaker on either side of the internal display

The microSD card slot is on the correct side of the handset. LG KT610 will ship with a 1GB card included but if that seems insufficient you can go for a bigger one. The handset had no distress handling an 8GB memory card, which is the largest power currently available on the market. In our pre-release unit however inserting a memory card, regardless of its size or used/free space ratio, slows down the file manager on the device. We really hope they fix that in the final retail product.

The correct side hosts the microSD card slot

The volume rocker is on its left side, correct between the hinges, and the LG proprietary Universal Serial Bus (USB) slot is at the top. A standard miniUniversal Serial Bus (USB) or microUniversal Serial Bus (USB) slot might have been more welcome but it's not that much of a bother.

The volume rocker is correct between the hinges • The Universal Serial Bus (USB) slot is on top

The backside hosts the 2 megapixel fixed-focus capturing camera lens and the self-portrait mirror. Communicator or else, the KT610 sure ain't a cameraphone, but we'll discuss that later on in the dedicated capturing camera chapter.

The 2 megapixel snapper is complimented by a self-portrait mirror

Sliding down the latch at the base of the battery cover makes the 960 mAh Li-Ion Polymer battery pop out. Its power isn't spectacular by any means but you can still count on up to 2 days of rather extensive usage.

The 960 mAh battery is a decent performer

The build quality of LG KT610 is very good, and that's one aspect where it comes close to communicators. There are no special or rare materials used, but the plastic casing is quite solid and there are no creaks or other disturbing noises during operation. The metallic framing of the folding top is a nice accent, and the rubbery texture at the rear ensures a nice grip.

Even though you only acquire full access to all phone features in QWERTY desktop use, single-handed operation of the KT610 is still quite sensible.

The LG KT610 held in hand



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