MWC 2009: LG Overview: KM900 Arena Hands-on

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LG KM900 Arena hands-on

First things first - the LG KM900 Arena was the handset that deserved the most attention so once we got to the booth we went straight off to exploring its secrets. And boy, were we impressed with how the device performed. Even at those pre-release stages the interface was really fluid and snappy, with eye-candy all over at that.

LG KM900 Arena

Frankly, we haven't been this impressed with a touchscqreen UI since Apple had their iPhone, but this time we're talking serious firepower. The 3" WVideo Graphics Array (VGA) capacitive touchclassy screen is amazingly sensitive and the hardware graphics acceleration does create a difference. There was no lagging or holdups browsing the menus and all the animations and transition effects ran smooth as silk.

Here are the photos of the LG KM900 Arena that we managed to snap at the booth. The phone is pretty attractive, the resemblance to Samsung i900 Omnia not as distinct as one can expect judging by the official photos.

The LG KM900 Arena really managed to impress us

Apparently there are several ways of finding your way around the phone's menu. You can either drag your finger across the classy screen to rotate a small cube or select one of it sides to maximize and rotate it full size.

LG KM900 Arena

Undoubtedly, both of those navigation methods bear some resemblance to the early HTC TouchFLO UI but see a whole lot prettier with the colorful icons.

Here is a short video demonstration of the LG KM900 Arena S class UI. It should give you the first concept of how hot it looks and how it performs.

We also took several shots with the LG KM900 Arena camera. The results are pretty fine but we are yet to see what the retail units will be capable of. Here go the photos for you to enjoy.

LG KM900 Arena capturing camera samples

The LG KM900 Arena made an excellent first impression and we simply cannot wait to acquire a sample for an in-depth review. You have our word that once we acquire back home we'll be doing our best to bring a review of what seems to be one of the hottest mobiles of the MWC 2009.



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