LG KM900 Arena Review: A Touch Of Class: Applications, Games, Conclusion

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Games & Apps

The preinstalled Picsel viewer handles Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Portable Document Format (PDF) files. Zooming in and out is done by - you guessed it - pinching.

There is a useful option to fit the contents in a single column but it only seems to work for doc files. The viewer makes full utilize of the accelerometer and auto rotates to hold advantage of the wide screen.

Office documents and Portable Document Format (PDF) are supported

The preinstalled games on the LG Arena are all motion-based - Flying Dices, Wheel Mania and Tepong.

Flying dices lets you pick a board template and play with another player. You hold turns to roll two dice (by shaking the phone of course) and then release them on the table. You go round the board and can either land on a fine or a poor square. Landing on a poor square means you acquire beaten on the head.

Wheel Mania also allows you to choose a template - cards, foods, drinks, activities, cars and more. Then you spin the wheel and wait to see where it stops. This simple game is designed to assist you create decisions in various challenging life situations.

The third game is a ping-pong one and we spent most of the time on it. It's also simple - you must hit with increasing power a ping-pong ball with a virtual racket and score more and more…until you hit an airplane.

Wheel Mania • Flying Dices • Tepong

If those aren't enough (and they really aren't if you are the type to play games on a mobile phone), you can install Java MIDP 2.0 games and applications.

An application you might like but won't find preinstalled on the LG Arena is Opera Mini. This nifty small browser is quite fine at what it does and as it has full touch support you might find it more pleasant to work with at times than the standard built-in web browser. Unfortunately, there is still no WVideo Graphics Array (VGA) resolution support.

Final words

It's not every day that we come across a handset which consistently meets our expectations for a high-discontinue phone. The LG Arena is a wonderful multimedia device that has taken remarkable strides in many areas - interface, touch technology, music and entertainment. If you hold into account all this remarkable stuff, add the novelty factor, the price tag of 350 euro (around 450 US dollars) seems reasonable.

We're sure the Apple iPhone is lingering in the back of many people's minds. Both sport the full range of connectivity options, huge internal memory and gigantic screens with multi-touch support. The Arena has greater classy screen resolution, a microSD slot and a far superior capturing camera with excellent video recording options and even a removable battery.

The LG S-class interface is sometimes better than the iPhone Mac OS, sometimes not, sometimes slower, sometimes not. The iPhone advantage is the smartphone capabilities. However, the already available features on the Arena leave small to be desired (even copy/paste functionality). Its competitive price is going to acquire even sweeter in near future once the dust of the grand market release settles.

Apple iPhone 3G

The Nokia 5800 XpressMusic is close in price to the LG Arena and has smartphone capabilities as the iPhone. Of course, the Symbian interface lacks the considerable visual appeal of the Arena's S-Class UI or the iPhone's Mac OS. The capturing camera and build quality of the 5800 are not up to the Arena capabilities as well, and the same goes for the touch-classy screen sensitivity. However, the lower price, the extended GPS functionality and the ability to add recent applications, which will be available by the hundreds really soon, may create the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic a more attractive option for some users.

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

Samsung S8300 UltraTOUCH is also an excellent touch handset that has a superior 8 megapixel capturing camera - plus it makes typing easy with the hardware keypad. A GPS receiver is also on board but the lack of Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi) and the somewhat slow touch interface are things that may turn down many potential customers. Currently, it's priced a bit less than the Arena, so it might find its way to the users hearts as well.

Samsung S8300 UltraTOUCH

To sum it up, we were impressed by almost all aspects of the LG Arena. If you are on the hunt for a touch-based multimedia device at a reasonable price, the Arena is definitely a handset to consider and the S-class UI by LG without a doubt will be a trdiscontinue setter throughout the year.



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