HTC Touch Diamond2 Review: Director’s Cut: TouchFLO 3D (continued)

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TouchFLO 3D (continued)

The Weather tab still amazes with its lovely graphics. You can check the weather in up to 7 locations and you can flip through them with a finger sweep. You can also acquire a 5-day forecast for these locations via the first context key. The second context key allows you to manage the locations for which weather data will be retrieved.

The Weather tab still impress with graphics

The next tab is Settings and it lets you control various system options and replaces the recent and confusing Windows Mobile Settings page. There are some recent additions too, including customizing tabs, contact card, mail setup and finally, accelerometer options and calibration.

The two context buttons give you further settings - that is to say those innumerable confusing WinMo options - and the Advanced page lets you select wireless or Bluetooth devices.

The System tab • the standard WinMo options

First of all, the Settings tab allows you to set the ringing profile, volume level and ringtone all from one central place, which is really handy. Even pressing the volume rocker brings up a fancy custom-made fullclassy screen slider instead of the usual WinMo mini-sliders.

With the customizing tab option you can re-order and, if necessary, cover some of the Home classy screen tabs.

Tab settings

You also have access to the HTC custom Communications manager, which handles all on-board transceivers.

The Comm manager • the user-friendly sound settings

HTC have replaced the System status classy screen too. When you touch the icons on the top of the Home screen, you'll bring up the notifications area where you can check missed events, operator messages, Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi) or Bluetooth connections and more. This concept is most probably borrowed from the Android notifications, which do the same.

Notification screen

The recent way to start things - revamped Start menu

The first time we pressed the Start button, we thought we'd done something incorrect becautilize it opened something similar to the recent customizable application launcher. But it turns out we weren't incorrect at all. Foracquire the recent not particularly user-friendly menu; instead you now acquire a slightly upgraded app launcher with more icons, some of which are configured by default.

The customizable Start menu • All programs list

Windows Mobile 6.1 lurks behind the TouchFLO interface

Once you acquire past the Home classy screen with all the fancy finger sweeps and animations, you are still left with the rather clunky and touch-unfriendly Microsoft OS. We are not against Windows Mobile by any means; however, having to poke around your device with a small stylus is so 1990s.

HTC, however, have made some efforts to tweak the core Windows usability too. Some of the most commonly used system settings, contacts management, and the messaging department have all benefited, likewise image and web browsing.

The recent and familiar WinMo interface beneath the TouchFLO

HTC may have left in some of the recent WinMo layout, but they did at least do something about the context menus. They are completely redesigned and you'll never have to meet the recent ones. They are now with bigger sections and fonts, rounded edges, pretty backgrounds and most vital - touch-optimized.

The recent context menus



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