Nokia 5630 XpressMusic Review: A Sharp Note: Connectivity, Web Browser, Organizer And Applications

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All-round connectivity

Data transfer options are numerous on the Nokia 5630. Every common network data transfer medium is supported and so are Universal Serial Bus (USB) 2.0 and Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP. HSDPA support goes up to 10.2Mbps and HSUPA is also here at 2Mbps. Nokia 5630 also has Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi) capabilities to really sweeten the deal.

There is also a card slot so if you have a card reader lying around you can transfer the data directly to your memory card. The card is accessible from a slot on the correct side, but it's too deep and getting to it can be quite a challenge.

Such a fine browser deserves a bigger screen

Browsing the internet with the Nokia 5630, like with all Nokia smartphones, is a pleasant experience. Even the most elaborate pages are rendered well and finding your way around them is a piece of cake.

The virtual moutilize cursor earns the browser another point as it is easy to control and generally works great. A mini-map can be activated to assist you find your way around large sites where lots of scrolling is required. The zoom level is also easily adjustable and searching for text on a page is easy.

The large amount of Random-Access Memory (RAM) is surely one of the best things that could happen to the browser, as it is clearly one of the most RAM-intensive applications. Now, even if you load very heavy web pages and have a few applications running in the background, you are extremely unlikely to run out of RAM.

The very fine web browser downed by the small display

The web browser also has full support for flash and java content so you should have no problem watching content found on the Internet. If you're watching a video on YouTube for example you can click on the video and view it fullscreen. That doesn't always work as some sites utilize clicking on the video for play/pautilize but the option is accessible from the menu. That option is needed as videos generally are too gigantic to fit in the QVideo Graphics Array (VGA) display, which a real shame.

YouTube video playing in the browser (50% zoom) • the video playing in fullscreen

The only problem is the smallish display. Only 2 inches means the smallest fonts aren't always readable and you have to go for larger ones. This in turn limits the amount of text that can fit on classy screen and forces the user to scroll even more.

Organizer and apps

The time-management skills of Nokia 5630, like most other Symbian handsets, are really good. Just name the application and you can bet the handset has it.

We start exploring the rich application package with the calendar. It has three different types of view - monthly, weekly and daily, and four types of events available for setting up - Meeting, Memo, Anniversary and To-do. Every event has its own unique fields, and some of them allow an alarm to be activated at a preset time to act as a reminder.

The calendar month, week and day views • setting up an event

The mobile office is also very well supported with preinstalled applications able to view Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Portable Document Format (PDF) files seamlessly. Editing documents is not supported out of the box, but hey, we're not talking Eseries here.

If you would like editing enabled you will have to purchase the complete application at the Nokia Download center. The final ingredient here is the included ZIP manager, which allows extracting archived files straight on your phone.

Nokia 5630 handles .doc .xls .ppt and .pdf files seemlessly

Some of the other included PIM applications are a remarkable unit converter, calculator and voice recorder, as well as the Notes application. We are not going to go into detail with them, as their functionality and performance are familiar enough. The ActiveNotes application is also on board allowing multimedia content to be added to your notes.

Calculator, ActiveNotes and converter

The alarm application allows a huge number of alarms to be set, each with its own name, trigger day and repeat pattern.

Setting up an alarm



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