MWC 2010: Various Brands Overview: Garmin Asus

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Garmin Asus

Garmin Asus had two recent handsets in store for us this year. They were both officially announced several days before the MWC kicked off but are still very much an enigma to the mobile world. This time Garmin chose not to utilize a home-brewed Operating System (OS) but went for Android and Windows Mobile instead.

The Garmin Asus booth at the MWC 2010

Garmin Asus A50

The more fascinating half of the newly announced couple is undoubtedly the Garmin Asus A50. Making best utilize of Garmin's experience and expertise in the mobile navigation area it ships with free voice-guided navigation and map data.

Garmin Asus A50

The classy screen of the Garmin Asus A50 is also really impressive with spectacular viewing angles and sunlight legibility. The underlying Android Operating System (OS) ensures that there will be plenty of third party applications for the A50 so its prospects see much better than those of its G60 predecessor.

Garmin Asus A50 next to the Apple iPhone 3GS

Here's a demo video we took of the Garmin Asus nuvifone A50:

Garmin Asus M10

The Garmin Asus M10 achievement of being the first Windows Mobile 6.5.3 handset might have lost a large part of its glamour now that Microsoft announced WinMo 7 (okay, okay, Windows Phone series 7) but it is still a pretty cool device.

Garmin Asus M10 live shots

A remarkable WVideo Graphics Array (VGA) screen, sleek design and voice-navigation ready out of the box, the Garmin Asus M10 is definitely worth a second look. Not to mention the 512 Mega Bytes (MB) of Random-Access Memory (RAM) that can put most of the current crop of smartphones to shame. And, oh yeah, it looks totally cool in that white too.

Garmin Asus M10 in white

We gotta say though that the Garmin SatNav application looks a lot better on Android, than that on Windows Mobile. Check out this short video of Garmin Asus M10:



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