LG GM360 Viewty Snap And GT400 Viewty Smile Review: One For Everybody: User Interface, Telephony, Messaging

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User interface has S-class looks

The software on both the LG Viewty Snap and the Viewty Smile is traditional LG with some S-Class eye-candy. The homeclassy screen has a widacquire page and a page for favorite contacts and the Snap also has a Livesquare homeclassy screen that’s missing on the Smile.

Let’s start with the widget-enabled classy screen that allows you to arrange several mini applications as you please.

A touch on the marker in the bottom correct corner of the homeclassy screen pulls out the Widacquire tray, which holds all of the currently unused widgets. You can choose the ones you want and drag them onto the classy screen or stash the ones you don't need back in the tray.

Widacquire homeclassy screen (Snap on the left, Smile on the right)

The LG Viewty Smile and Viewty Snap offer a clock widget, a mini Frequency Modulation (FM) radio, a mini music player, a Notes app, image slideshow, a calendar and a few others. The Snap has a Facebook widacquire too, we’ll acquire back to it when we see at the full Facebook app.

There’s only one non-scrollable widacquire classy screen and the LG GM360 Viewty Snap has an additional limitation – you can only utilize three widgets at a time. The LG GT400 Viewty Smile lets you have as many as you can fit on the screen.

Unfortunately, recent widgets cannot be added. That’s the main disadvantage compared to the competing touch UIs.

The contact homeclassy screen doesn't work with widgets, but lets you arrange favorite contact icons instead. Again the two phones differ slightly – the Viewty Snap lets you have up to 9 contacts, while the Viewty Smile can hrecent three panes of up to 6 contacts each.

Contacts homeclassy screen (Snap on the left, Smile on the right)

When you tap a contact four buttons appear to the sides of the contact’s photo – call, sdiscontinue SMS, Edit and rego from speed dial.

The LG Viewty Snap has a Livesquare – check out our other LG Cookie Gig review for more details on that. It’s a practical concept with a rather childish implementation.

Selecting multiple contacts in Livesquare • Livesquare options

The Viewty couple makes utilize of a Task manager allowing you to run several Java and native applications simultaneously and effortlessly switch between them. It's complemented by a secondary "Favorite apps" tab that hosts a number of configurable shortcuts to various applications. There’re up to nine slots for shortcuts on the Snap and the Smile again beats it – it lets you have as many as you want.

The task manager and the favorite apps shortcuts • the status screen

The Status classy screen is something borrowed from the Android playbook – tapping on any of the icons on the status row on top (next to the clock) opens up a classy screen with signal, battery and memory stats, and allows you to quickly toggle the ringing profiles, music player and Bluetooth. It’s not quite as useful as the Android solution, but as close as a feature phone can get.

The LG GM360 Viewty Snap comes with a Social Network menu, which lists Orkut, Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, Flickr and MySpace. However only Facebook and Twitter have apps, the rest are simply bookmarks to the respective sites. Facebook gets a widacquire too.

The Facebook application is custom-made and nicely touch optimized. Its interface feels quite familiar, so you can acquire going straight away. While the widacquire only shows the last couple of status updates, the app can handle the rest of the functionality.

The Facebook app

The Facebook widacquire shows status updates from your friends and serves as a shortslit to the full-blown Facebook application.

The Facebook widacquire • The Twitter Java app is not very touch optimized

The Twitter app on the other hand is a Java app with smallish controls. It’s not the most thumb-friendly app we’ve seen, but it’s a full-featured Twitter client. You can post tweets, read other peoples’ tweets including a special section for @replies and search is enabled as well.

Telephony and messaging are nice

A few quick words about the telephony and messaging. Both the Viewty Snap and the Viewty Smile have fine reception and the in-call sound was loud and clear.

Both phones support Smart dialing, but the Snap is more advanced. It looks for both names and numbers, while the Smile looks at just numbers (almost-useless ).

During a call the classy screen is locked – you have to unlock it manually as there’s no proximity sensor to hold care of that automatically.

Smart dialing - Snap on the left, Smile on the right

The messaging department on both devices is fairly straightforward. Email setup was automatic (just enter email address and password) though it suffered from restrictive file size limitations (you can’t sdiscontinue or receive files much bigger than 2MB).

You can choose between an on-classy screen keypad in portrait or a QWERTY keyboard in landscape (on the Smile they switch automatically thanks to the accelerometer, but Snap users have to do it manually) and there’s handwriting recognition too.

The input methods on the two Viewty phones

Using the LG Viewty Snap and Smile for day-to-day telephony was fine in both cases. Here's how they rank in our loudspeaker test:

Speakerphone testVoice, dBPink noise/ Music, dBRinging phone, dBOverall score

Samsung I9000 Galaxy S66.6 65.966.6Below Average

Samsung I5700 Galaxy Spica66.6 62.175.7Average

LG GD880 Mini67.766.576.1Good

LG GT400 Viewty Smile72.666.277.9Good

LG GM360 Viewty Snap74.669.577.0Very Good

LG KM570 Cookie Gig75.169.582.7Very Good

Samsung S5230 Star82.776.080.2Excellent

LG GD510 Pop76.676.285.0Excellent



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