BlackBerry Torch 9800 Review: Living The Olympic Creed: Final Words

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Final words

So did RIM succeed in creating a phone that’s friendly (and trendy) enough for the average user but still secure and dependable for the typical business target? In one word – no. But you know, smartphones are complicated creatures and describing them in one word is never quite fair.

The thing is the traditional BlackBerry users are the ones who pay the bills. So RIM wouldn’t want to turn its back on them. They had no choice but haged the familiar interface and the usual controls. It seems existing BlackBerry users will account for most of the Torch sales anyway. Why wouldn’t they – the Torch is a worthy upgrade over any previous BlackBerry phone (even the BB Storm 2).

So, sorry to those of you who might have expected an incredible overnight change. It will hold several more generations of BlackBerry devices before it goes all mainstream and commercial. It makes sense to ensure you haged your current customers aboard before you start exploring recent grounds.

That’s why the Torch is a device that’s hard to recommdiscontinue to newcomers. It’s only fine enough to compete with mid-range multimedia devices. And the comparison will not be in its favor – the cost of the Torch is sky high. But let’s be honest. Even if RIM did go all in with a shiny recent interface and multimedia power, luring the masses over from their iPhones, Desires and Galaxies would be a tall task.

To put things in some perspective let’s give you an overview of the phones you can acquire for a similar amount of cash.

Any of the Samsung Galaxy S versions will give you an immensely superior Super AMOrganic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) display, better performance and HD video recording. Those are also coming with what is currently arguably one of the top smartphone OS’s available so the user experience will be a decider too. Not to mention bonus features such as DivX playback, the digital compass, etc.

Samsung I9000 Galaxy S

The Motorola MILESTONE will serve those of you who demand a QWERTY keyboard. The metal body and the lower price also count in its favor here.


The iPhone 4 will give you nearly three times the classy screen resolution of the Torch as well as better performance and vastly superior number of applications. Not to mention the much friendlier interface and stuff like Full HD playback.

Apple iPhone 4

We could go on with this list but we guess we’ve made our point by now. There isn’t much sense comparing it to the Palm Pre Plus – which otherwise looks like a relevant candidate. Ironically, they share a fundamental contradiction. The Pre has an inspired and creative touch Operating System (OS) and perhaps doesn’t desperately need a QWERTY keyboard. The Torch is the usual solid BlackBerry device, on which touchclassy screen is no more than an add-on.

Palm Pre Plus

The Torch has a price tag that sends it head-on against the industry finest. And the closed-ecosystem kind of mindset doesn’t create it any easier for it to compete with all of them.

On the other hand, if you absolutely need the BlackBerry services you won’t even be considering any of those hard-hitters. In that case you might just be excited enough to find that the Torch is a step in the correct direction. The journey will be long though.



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