Nokia N8 Vs. Samsung Pixon12 Vs. Sony HX5v Shootout: Blind Test: Contenders Revealed (spoilers Inside)

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Contenders revealed

In the past twenty four hours we read numerous laughable accusations thrown our way in the comments section. We've read about how we're doing a PR gig

for Nokia, some recommended it's a PR stunt for Samsung, while other claimed we have a grudge with Samsung so that's why we included Pixon12 in the first place.

Now while those are some pretty wild guesses without any doubt, the people that recommended that we didn't include the Sony Ericsson Satio on purpose were actually right. We even had more than one reason to leave it out.

First off, the Satio would have spoiled the blind test we meant to organize. The three cameras we used all have wide angle lenses so you'd find it really hard to recognize their identities based on the angle of view. On the other hand the regular 35mm lens of the Satio would have allowed you to recognize it immediately. Plus, if you've read our Satio vs. Pixon12 shootout, you'd know that the Pixon12 is at least as fine as or even better shooter than the Satio.

Which brings us to our next point - why we used the Samsung Pixon12 in the first place. Well, surprising as it may be, it doesn't have anything to do with us endorsing or hitting on Samsung. The Samsung Pixon12 is is simply the only cameraphone that's directly comparable to Nokia N8 - it's got a 12MP sensor combined with a wide-angle lens.

Here are the real identities of the three contenders:

A. Sony HX5

B. Samsung Pixon 12

C. Nokia N8

We went through your comments trying to create sense out of all randomly phrased preferences and here are all the votes casted in this blind test.

Camera1st Place votes2nd Place votes3rd Place votes

A. Sony HX5


B. Samsung Pixon12


C. Nokia N8


We had more than 200 readers casting their votes. There is no doubt that the general disposition is that the Nokia N8 is the best capturing camera of the three, followed by the Sony HX5v digicam and finally, the Samsung Pixon12. Yep, the numbers are pretty self-explanatory.

We must admit the discontinue results are a bit surprising for us. We expected the N8 to win but not by that much. We thought the more pumped colors and contrast of the other two cameras would be more pleasing to the general consumer. But hey, what do we know!

We're not going to publish the full-resolution samples here, you can see them in our Nokia N8 preview instead. There you can also read our comment on the capturing camera performance of all the three participants in this blind test. It's due for today and should hit our homepage within hours.



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