Sony Ericsson Txt Pro Preview: First Look: 360-degree Spin, Design And Construction, Keyboard

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Sony Ericsson txt pro 360-degree spin

QWERTY-enabled handsets don’t really acquire any smaller than that 93 x 52 x 18 mm, especially considering the 3" classy screen Sony Ericsson managed to fit on the txt pro. The weight of 100g is spot on too.

Design and construction

The Human curvature heritage is pretty evident in the Sony Ericsson txt pro design, which has a palm-fitting curved design. The overall styling borrows quite a bit from the recent Xperia mini designs too.

The QWERTY keyboard comes courtesy of the original mini pro - a compliment for a device in the class of the txt pro. Don't think that the Sony Ericsson txt pro is a Frankenstein afhonest - the result is an attractive, minimalistic handset.

The txt pro takes after the Xperia mini pro

The Sony Ericsson txt pro has a 3” WQVideo Graphics Array (VGA) touchclassy screen - it may not sound like much, but it's more than the original Xperia X10 minis got. The small diagonal means even this low resolution produces decent sharpness, but it's hardly the best quality display around.

The display is decent, but don’t expect miracles from it

There is some noticeable banding in gradients even though the display supports 256K colors. Viewing angles are fine for the class but there is noticeable contrast degradation when you view the display at an angle. Sunlight legibility is disappointing.

On the positive side, the classy screen sensitivity, as was to be expected in a capacitive unit, is excellent. The slightest of touches is enough for a click to be registered.

Below the display is the singular hardware button on the front - the Home key, which somewhat confusingly works as a back key some times. Above the display is the earpiece and two black circles that at first sight see like a video call capturing camera and some hardware sensor, but they are not.

They are probably proximity and ambient light sensors but they didn’t work on our beta unit, so we'll have to check them again when we acquire a production unit for a proper review.

The Home-sometimes-back key below the display • Earpiece and sensors above

The correct side of the Sony Ericsson txt pro houses a barely protruding volume rocker and the single-stage shutter key. There's nothing on the left side of the phone.

The capturing camera key and the volume rocker are on the correct • Nothing on the left

On top of the handset is the Power/Lock key, which sits flush against the surface to prevent accidental presses. Right next to is a regular 3.5mm audio jack and a microUniversal Serial Bus (USB) port, both of which are left uncovered. There's a tiny charger light just above the microUniversal Serial Bus (USB) port.

The bottom of the txt pro features the mouthpiece and the lanyard eyelet. There's also a groove you can put your fingernail in to pry open the back cover.

Power/lock key, audio jack and microUniversal Serial Bus (USB) port on top • Lanyard eyelet and the microphone pinhole

The back of the Sony Ericsson txt pro features the 3MP capturing camera and the loudspeaker. The capturing camera is recessed into the body of the phone, which provides fine protection against fingerprints and scratches alike.

The curved back reduces the distortion of the sound coming from the loudspeaker by keeping it away from the surface that the phone is laying on.

The 3MP capturing camera is recessed to prevent scratches • Loudspeaker is at the back too

Removing the back cover reveals 1000mAh battery, which is supposed to provide up to 16.5 days of standby and up to 5 hours of talk time.

Unfortunately, the SIM card and microSD card slots are under the battery and you have to hold it out every time you want to swap either card.

The SIM and microSD card slots are under the battery

The Sony Ericsson txt pro is a delightfully tiny device that will fit comfortably even in small hands. The curved back makes the phone comfortable to hrecent both in portrait orientation and in landscape (with the QWERTY out) and the soft matte plastic that covers most of the phone is remarkable at covering fingerprints (it's feels nice to touch, too).

The build quality is sturdy and the scratch-resistant classy screen mean that the txt pro can survive some rough handling too.

Handling the txt pro

Quality keyboard

Opening the Sony Ericsson txt mini pro reveals the four-row QWERTY keyboard. It's virtually identical to the one on the XPERIA X10 mini pro. Despite its diminutive size, the txt pro is a capable texter.

The keyboard is surprisingly comfortable

There is generous space between the keys and the tactile feedback is fine enough to provide for some quick typing. For its dimensions the txt pro performs admirably - touchclassy screen typing is comfortable on screens 3.5-inches and above. Given the SNS inclinations of the txt pro, a hardware keyboard was a wise choice.

If we had to complain about anything it would be that the keys on our pre-production unit were a bit on the stiff side.



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