Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670 Review: In Shape Droid: Final Words

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Final words

The Samsung Galaxy Fit is yet another attempt by the Android army to storm the lower-discontinue smartphone market. Placed correct between the Galaxy Mini and the Galaxy Ace, the fit tries to deliver a solid smartphone performance at a very reasonable price.

However, we are obviously still not at the point where this could be achieved without cutting quite a lot of corners. The low resolution classy screen is one, but there's also the lack of Flash support, the poor video recording and the lack of flash.

Then again, expecting a device like the fit to match the capabilities of a Galaxy S smartphone is probably just being greedy. The bangs and whistles are for the high-end, while the Fit should be doing the basics and we have to admit it's doing that pretty well. You acquire tons of apps to organize your everyday life and fill up your free time, a relatively fine capturing camera and full connectivity package, so the general package is worth its price tag.

Yet, if you're out for the ultimate bang-for-the-buck low-discontinue smartphone there are plenty of other options out there. You could even consider dumping Android all together and go see for tech satisfaction elsewhere. Let's check out some of the competition the Galaxy Fit faces.

Starting off with some in-houtilize rivalry we give you the Mini, the Ace and the Gio. These Galaxy droids aren't as much of direct competitors to the Fit as its immediate neighbors in the Samsung portfolio, but unless your budacquire is really strictly set you should definitely check them out.

The Mini offers an even lower price tag but falls short in the imaging and display departments. The Gio prevails in the display battle, but loses ground in imaging. The Ace offers the best of both worlds, but as you could imagine it comes at a higher price.

Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 • Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 • Samsung Galaxy Gio S5660

HTC has a strong contender to match the Galaxy Fit. The Wildfire S offers a solid UI experience with HTC Sense, a slightly better 5MP snapper, premium finish and most importantly - a 3.5" HVideo Graphics Array (VGA) resolution (320x480 pixels) display. Unfortunately that one will cost you more than the Fit, so the choice is not as straightforward as it may look.

HTC Wildfire S

Finally we come to the Nokia C6-01, which is the Symbian contender in this range. If the Symbian quirks don't bother you (and the upcoming Anna update is really substantially reducing those in number) you acquire a way better 3.2" nHD (360x640 pixels) AMOLED, an equally well-equipped connectivity package and a fixed-focus 8MP capturing camera with 720p video recording. With this one you are really getting way more hardware for the same price.

Nokia C6-01

The Samsung Galaxy Fit gives the user a fine all-round experience and it is a fine starting point for your journey across Androidland. After a while you will know, which parts of it are too limiting for you and you would know what to see for when you upgrade. In the meantime you will probably feel pretty excited about forking the cash on this one.



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