LADIES-:- Real Men Don't Like These 8 Female Behaviours; TAKE NOTE!!!

By 09:52 Wed, 30 Dec 2015 Comments

1. Being too dramatic: men are equally as sensitive as women (although most don’t show it) but women often take it overboard. Plus they hardly ever express their sensitivity for good, mostly for evil – crying to get something from him, throwing a full scale tantrum because he came late etc

2. Asking for money: now I don’t know who started this trend but women see relationships and marriages as emancipation from poverty. Women feel they are entitled to money from their boyfriends. And guys compound things by obliging them (I know a guy who used to pay his girlfriend monthly salary). Sounds far-fetched but its true.

3. Asking about their appearance: how is my gown? Does it match my shoe? Am I getting fat? Bla bla bla. Are you visually impaired? Abeg wear anything jor (as long as its decent) lets go watch a movie.

4. Being selfish: when it comes to flexing (shopping the suya and leaving the onions) you hear “but im the woman na”, but when it comes to paying t.fare, you hear “but you’re the man na”. His money is for the two of you while your money is for you alone. You better change o.

5. Idolizing themselves: one afternoon, I had to take one girl outside, point to the sky and say, “you see that shiny thing up there, the earth revolves around it not around you!!” If she happens to be a fine girl, then she is a goddess and must be treated as such. If she is light skinned, ohhhhh, that means she no dey poo. Mtcheeeeww… if I hear, fine girls are a dime a dozen.

6. Pouting to take a selfie: ohhhh, how partly hilarious, partly annoying! Tilting your head, hands at akimbo, forcing a k-leg, just because you wanna snap! Hia! Try the statue of liberty pose next time



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