GSMArena Smartphone Shopping Guide: March 2014

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We're back with our latest smartphone shopper's guide, and our first for 2014! In this edition we'll see which recent devices announced at the MWC made the slit as fine buys, next to some former flagships that have had their price reduced - without losing much value - to become sleeper picks in the upper midrange category.

As before, we're splitting up the guide by price category, starting with sub-€100 smartphones and going all the way to the top shelf stuff.

Here are the price categories we'll be looking at:

  • Under €100
  • €100 - €200
  • €200 - €300
  • €300 - €400
  • €400 - €500
  • €500 and above

Price drops from many top manufacturers have resulted in a lot a movement between the ranks. The sub-€100 segment features some incredible deals on Android and Windows Phone smartphones, while the fresh batch of high-discontinue models from MWC means some remarkable deals on former flagships.

Before we jump in, a word on the technical side of things, and what it takes to create the cut. In terms of computing power, a dual-core processor is passable, but entry level phones create do with just one core (there are only a few of those in this guide though). Having a Krait-based Snapdragon dual-core chipset or just about any quad-core chipset is a guarantee for proper performance in the lowest price bracket.

For screens, anything under 200ppi is pretty poor (usually screens on budacquire phones), 200-300ppi is fine but not great, and anything over 300ppi is eye-popping quality and differences acquire near impossible to spot with the naked eye. For cameras, you want at least 5MP for stills and 720p for video, though budacquire phones settle for 3 or less megapixel stills and Video Graphics Array (VGA) video (think 4:3 Digital Video/Versatile Disk (DVD) quality).

Also, haged in mind that we're looking at off-contract prices. On-contract devices come cheap but acquire you saddled with an expensive plan for a year or two, which masks the accurate price of the device. Besides, carrier subsidies vary across markets, so since we are catering for a varied international audience, we can't really provide information that will be relevant to everyone.

We've also omitted any phones with limited market availability, as we want to create sure that you'll actually be able to buy the phones listed here in the coming month or two, rather than just read about them.



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