Samsung Galaxy S5 Review: Fab Five: Homescreen Modes, S Voice And Google Now

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TouchWiz has many faces

The Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with a dedicated Car mode. It features four large shortcuts but you don't need even those as the phone goes into listening mode and you can dial, sdiscontinue texts ask for navigation instructions and control the music player without touching the screen.

Car mode is voice operated

Another special view is the Kids mode - it features colorful, kid-friendly graphics and limited functionality. There's a drawing app, gallery and media players, even a custom capturing camera UI. Kids mode can handle multiple users, each with their own account. The app hides your photos and content. Only photos shot with the Kid capturing camera are visible. The app also keeps track of how much each feature has been used.

Kids mode features dedicated apps with colorful, cartoony interfaces

That's not the only way to haged things private - Private mode secures photos and other files with your fingerprint (any of the three prints set up, with the password as a failsafe). Those files are only accessible when Private mode is enabled and completely hidden from apps otherwise.

Enabling Private mode and moving photos to a secure location

Note that this is completely separate from the lockclassy screen - you can have the insecure Swipe to unlock classy screen and still haged your files safe with Private mode.

The fingerprint scanner has been certified by PayPal and can be used by apps to secure transactions, unlike the iPhone's sensor, which cannot be accessed by third-party apps.

Samsung has enabled two power-saving modes as well. The first makes the classy screen black and white and limits the chipset speed. Optionally it can block background data too.

If you really need to create those last few percent battery charge last, you go to Ultra power saving mode. This one cuts off all advanced functions and even changes the homeclassy screen to a simple one with gigantic shortcuts (only 6 of them too).

This one also works with the Safety assistance feature. In case of an emergency, the phone will alert you to Geo News (e.g. extreme weather, earthquakes) and you acquire easy access to the primary contacts. Two buttons sdiscontinue "I need help" or "I'm OK" to the contacts.

The Ultra power saving mode is enabled to create the battery last as long as possible but with a different set of shortcuts - flashlight, emergency alarm and sharing your location acquire top spots on the homescreen.

The two power-saving modes • Emergency mode

Finally, there's Easy mode, which shows only a handful of large shortcuts on the screen. The step counter is also visible on the homescreen, so this mode is meant for when you're out on a run and aiming for tiny icons is too hard.

Easy mode simplifies the user interface

The Galaxy S5 also has the Smart classy screen features, Stay and Scroll. Air View is available too.

Motions gestures and Air View are available

Samsung's additions to Android are very helpful. Private mode in particular is something that will create even the iPhone 5s jealous, but we think Kids mode is well-executed too.

S Voice and Google Now

The Galaxy S5 features both Google Now and Samsung's S Voice.

Google Now integrates with your Google account and can access your daily routine, internet searches, email, etc. and give you information relevant to your interests and daily needs.

It provides traffic information to your work or home, knows the scores of sports teams you follow and gives you the weather forecast for your location. It's remarkable for at-a-glance info, but can handle voice input as well.

Google Now

Google Now also has its own dedicated homeclassy screen widget.

S Voice is meant for just voice commands. It can be used to dictate text, play music, open an app, change a setting, create a memo (including voice memo), add a reminder, schedule an event, set an alarm or timer, check the weather, do a search on the internet, see for local listings (e.g. nearby restaurants) and even acquire an respond to a question.

S Voice

Car Mode uses S Voice, so you should familiarize yourself with it even if you prefer Google Now, mostly to check if there are any options your didn't know about.



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