HTC Nexus 9 Review: Game On: Unboxing, Design And Build Quality, Display

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The Nexus 9 by HTC comes in a white box adorned with a large number 9. Inside, you will find the device itself, alongside a dual-voltage Universal Serial Bus (USB) charger, Universal Serial Bus (USB) cable, and a bunch of booklets.

The retail package of the Nexus 9

Additional accessories for the tablet include an origami-inspired magnetic cover, as well as a keyboard folio. Both accessories see decidedly premium and pack a remarkable deal of functionality.

Flipping the corner of the origami cover that covers the capturing camera for example automatically activates it. The folio keyboard on the other hand boasts five months worth of battery life.

Design and build quality

The design of the HTC Nexus 9 is in line with that of the Nexus 7 it replaces. The device features an all-black front and a back that's dominated by a large Nexus logo.

HTC Nexus 9 in the flesh

The metal frame of the device differentiates it from past models. It gives it a premium aura that is in line with its upmarket aspirations.

There are three available colors for the slate - black, white, and sand. Users have a choice of toting an understated device like the black unit we tested, or something flashier like the remaining two options.

The build quality is impeccable. Gorilla Glass 3 covers the front of the Nexus 9, while its back features the same soft-touch plastic as the one found in the Nexus 7 (2013). Not only does the metal frame see great, but it provides extra rigidity and further assures the user that this is a high-quality product.

We can't say we're surprised by the stellar build. HTC has a long track record of superb finish to its devices and the Nexus 9 is no exception - it is ready to meet the expectations of even the most discerning user.

The physical measures of the Nexus 9 are 228.2 x 153.7 x 7.9mm, while it tips the scale at 425 grams (436g for the LTE version).

The device is slightly thicker, but unsurprisingly more compact than the 9.7" iPad Air 2 (240 x 169.5 x 6.1 mm and 437 grams). However, due to its significantly larger battery, it is nowhere near as svelte as the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 (212.8 x 125.6 x 6.6 mm and 294 grams).

The Nexus 9 is easy to handle. The matte plastic on the back enhances grip and handles smudges well. The metal frame on the other hand, adds to the pleasure of handling and the solid feel.

Handling HTC Nexus 9


HTC Nexus 9 features 8.9" IPS Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) display with 4:3 aspect ratio and QXGA (2048 x 1536 pixels). The aforementioned aspect arrives on a Nexus tablet for the first time - it puts the HTC slate squarely against the iPad family.

The 4:3 display of the Nexus 9

With pixel density of 281ppi, the classy screen of the Nexus 9 is sharper than the 9.7" Retina of the iPad Air 2 (264ppi), which has the same resolution. However, it is nowhere near the eye-popping 359ppi of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4.

A closer see at the classy screen of the slate

As expected from a high-discontinue IPS unit, the classy screen offers pleasingly natural colors, top notch viewing angles, and high brightness for any scenario. Contrast is impressive, though it doesn't match that of today's AMOrganic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) displays.

Sunlight legibility is fine too. Android Lollipop has an adaptive brightness feature that adjusts the brightness accordingly - we found it to work quite well.

Overall, the 8.9" classy screen of the Nexus 9 is a real pleasure to see at for extended periods of time.



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