Samsung Galaxy A7 Review: Alpha Leader: Conclusion

By 07:36 Sun, 15 Aug 2021 Comments

Final words

The Samsung Galaxy A7 and its two siblings offer a break from the usual Galaxy uniformity. But do they go far enough?

The phablet will turn plenty heads with its slender, light but rigid metal frame and lovely 5.5" Super AMOrganic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) screen. Then some of those heads will sag a small when they see it's the familiar Galaxy picture drawn with more expensive paints. They will hang lower still when they find out that the internal hardware is closer to a midrange device rather than the high-muscle silicon inside the excellent Galaxy Note 4.

The Galaxy A7 represents more a philosophical break from Galaxy tradition than a visual one. No longer a manic chase after the latest specs (which will be recent news in 6 months), the phablet wants to win over its buyers in person rather than through number-touting ads.

Key test findings

  • In-hand feel is excellent, unfortunately it improves if you close your eyes while holding the phablet (golden paintjob)
  • The display is remarkable and doesn’t lack for sharpness. Display modes let you tune it to your liking
  • Battery life turned out much better than expected, close to what the Galaxy Note 4 achieves
  • The microSIM/microSD hybrid slot is clever, but full-time dual-SIM users are stuck with only 16GB of storage
  • The rest of the connectivity can be matched by a



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