Galaxy Shootout: Blind Camera Test: Blind Test: The Reveal

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Blind test: the reveal

Time to tally the votes - you, our readers, have had 24 hours to pick their favorite Samsung Galaxy cameraphone based on scanty crops of daylight and low-light photos, plus one for video.

The results are roughly what we expected them, though the Galaxy S5 got more votes than we expected.

The slightly sharper photos of the Galaxy Note 4 won it the victory in broad daylight, while the wider aperture and more laid back processing allowed the Galaxy S6 to snag a victory in the dark. The Note 4 also came out on top for video, which we suspect has something to do with the color rendering and the extra sharpening. The Galaxy S6 still won out over its predecessor, the Galaxy S5.

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Crop A) Galaxy Note 4 B) Galaxy S5 C) Galaxy S6

Crop #1 14,313 1,839 957

Crop #2 9,815 5,598 2,154

Crop #3 13,989 1,708 1,753

Daylight subtotal 38,117 9,145 4,873

Crop #4 3,308 2,600 11,287

Crop #5 3,911 829 12,132

Lowlight subtotal 7,219 3,429 23,419

Crop #6 7,964 3,380 5,545

TOTAL 53,300 15,954 33,837

Below you can have a second see at the crops, this time with the real names overlaid on top.

You can expect our dedicated Galaxy capturing camera shootout tomorrow.



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