Archos 50 Diamond Review: Emerald Cut: User Interface

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Vanilla Android KitKat

Archos went with a stock version of Android 4.4.4 KitKat to hold the software lead on the 50 Diamond which means you'll acquire an uncluttered experience that should also provide a snappier feedback thanks to the lack of bloatware and additional app services. The utilize of vanilla Android also promises timely updates and Archos is already working on a Lollipop build for the 50 Diamond.

Check out a quick see of the UI below.

The lockclassy screen widgets remain unchanged and are full-screen, resizable tiles. One of them is always visible at the top of the main lockscreen, above the padlock icon. The rest are a correct swipe away. The widacquire on the main lockclassy screen is collapsed to create room for the padlock button, but can be expanded to display additional information.

Lockclassy screen

There are a few stock lockclassy screen widgets: Messages, Calendar, Gmail, Digital Clock, Google Now and Google+. The capturing camera shortcut, just like before, is a left swipe on the lockscreen.

Naturally, you can protect your lockclassy screen by Face, Pattern, PIN or Password unlock, in ascending order of security.

Widgets on the lockscreen

The homeclassy screen is almost the same as Google's Now launcher but lacks the latter as the leftmost pane by default. You can always install Google Now launcher to acquire the exact same stock appearance. Another incompatibility is the lack of on-classy screen buttons on the Archos 50 Diamond but that means that more classy screen estate is available to the user.

Folders function as expected. A folder is created by dropping an app shortslit on top of another shortslit and can be named by tapping on the "Unnamed folder" label. Opening a folder expands it only as much as needed to show the icons inside.


The notification center and Quick toggles are on board too. They're accessible via an icon in the top correct corner of the notification area. You acquire access to key device settings such as brightness, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, location, mobile networks and battery. Some toggles are directly accessible shortcuts to their respected functions in the settings menu. The quick settings menu can be accessed by a two-finger swipe down from the top of the screen.

Notifications can be expanded and collapsed with a downward swipe. The top one is expanded by default (if the app that put up the notification supports it, of course).

Notification area and quick toggles

Managing the homeclassy screen is easy. You can add widgets, shortcuts or folders. You can add as many panes as you want. The wallpaper is easy to change too - just pick one of the preloaded ones or choose an image from the gallery.

Managing the homescreen

The widgets aren't part of the app drawer. You can access the widacquire list only by a tap and hrecent on an empty space on the homeclassy screen and selecting the dedicated Widgets shortcut. We prefer this way of handling the widgets, becautilize they don't acquire in the way of the day-to-day work with the app drawer.

The app drawer consists of 6 rows of icons on side-scrollable pages. The app icons are gigantic and easy to access. The apps are ordered alphabetically and there's no other sorting option. Placing a shortslit on the homeclassy screen works as you would expect: press and hrecent to grab it and then position it on the homeclassy screen pane of choice. Two more options appear at the top of the classy screen while you're dragging - Uninstall (to quickly rego apps) and App info, which opens the application's entry in the Manage applications list.

App drawer

Last but not least, the Recent Apps list has remained virtually unchanged. It would be nice if Google finally adds a murder all/close all option.

Task switcher

Overall, Android 4.4.4 KitKat offers a polished UI and turns in remarkable performance on the Archos 50 Diamond and its Snapdragon 615 platform. Animations are quick and smooth and there were no stutters anywhere to be found. But more on the performance on the next page.



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