Moto G (3rd Gen) Review: Good As Gold: Unboxing, Design And Build Quality, Controls

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Like older members of the product family, the recent Moto G comes in a rather basic retail package. Inside the small retail box, you will find only a wall charger and a couple of booklets.

The retail package of the recent Moto G

Additional bundled accessories have never been a Moto G series forte and the third generation is no exception. Considering the device's price tag however, we don't believe the one should be too picky about free headphones or a protective case.

This year's Moto G alongside its predecessor


Design-wise, the recent Moto G is unmistakably a Motorola. However, the newcomer's polycarbonate frame brings it closer to last year's Moto X in terms of looks. We find this to be a remarkable thing, as the third generation of the budacquire smartphone carries a premium aura which its predecessors simply did not possess.

Moto G (3rd gen) live photos

Motorola's slightly curved body and signature dimple have once again made it to the recent Moto G. Overall, we find the smartphone to be a handsome bloke with plenty of character.

Moto Maker

Moto Maker is another major Moto G (3rd gen) highlight, as well as a major breakthrough in the handset's price segment. Introduced alongside the first Moto X back in 2013, the customization program allows users to deck out the recent Moto G in a color combo of their choice just before purchase.

Just like in the Moto X (2014), users can choose from white or black front panel. The former comes with a silver frame, while the latter features a blackgray solution.

The capturing camera accent on the back of the smartphone can be customized as well. The colorful back covers can be swapped anytime - there are no surprises here.

Some of the available color combos in Moto Maker

Build quality and handling

The recent Moto G feels superbly put together. Thanks to the Internet Protocol (IP) rating, the textured removable back cover of the device feels as if it's an integral part of it. The entire front of the smartphone is covered by Corning Gorilla Glass 3, so scratches from casual utilize are not as likely.

Moto G's IPX7 rating means that the handset can survive a dip in up to 3 feet of water for up to 30 minutes, so long as its back cover is tightly sealed. Kudos to Motorola for achieving that without sealing all ports with frightful and cumbersome protective caps.

With physical measures of 142.1 x 72.4 x 11.6mm, the recent Moto G has a slightly larger footprint than the second generation. At 155 grams of weight, the newcomer is only six grams heavier than its predecessor, despite being waterproof and with significantly bigger battery.

The recent Moto G has similar footprint as the second generation

Handling the Moto G (3rd gen) is a pleasure. The device feels grippy and secure, so a user can perform most common tasks with one hand. Motorola's custom gesture controls are also quite helpful on this instance.


Unsurprisingly, the recent Moto G has similar controls as its predecessors, as well as just about every other Motorola smartphone available at the moment. The overall layout is intuitive and easy to acquire used to.

Above the display is where the earpiece and the 5MP front-facing capturing camera reside. The ambient light and the proximity sensor are also located there. Below the classy screen is the single loudspeaker of the smartphone. This time around, Motorola has unfortunately ditched the stereo speakers of the second generation Moto G, probably for the sake of a bigger battery and the IPX rating.

A see above and below the display

There is absolutely nothing on the left side of the smartphone. The power/lock key and the volume rocker are both located on the correct side. The former has a distinctive texture, so it is easy to disclose apart on the go.

The sides of the device

The top of the smartphone is home to the 3.5mm audio jack, as well as a secondary microphone for active noise cancellation. A microUniversal Serial Bus (USB) port sits alone on the bottom of the Moto G.

The top and bottom of the Moto G

The customizable strip on the back of the smartphone is home of the 13MP main capturing camera with dual-LED flash and the signature Motorola dimple. It is fascinating to note that, other than the small "M" on the dimple, there is absolutely no other manufacturer logo on the recent Moto G.

The back of the smartphone

Removing the battery cover reveals the micro-SIM and the microSD card slot. The 2,470mAh battery of the device is not removable.

A peek under the battery cover



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