Meizu M2 Note Review: ReMixed: Hardware Overview

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Unboxing the Meizu m2 note

The Meizu m2 note retail box is absolutely identical to m1 note's - it's gigantic and not too generously filled. A 2A charger and a microUniversal Serial Bus (USB) cable are the only amenities in what's clearly a base trim package. An optional pair of headphones will be bundled as well in select markets.

The retail box of the Meizu m2 note

Meizu m2 note 360-degree view

The recent m2 note brings just a few changes, most of them inside. So it should be no surprise the m2 note has the same footprint as its predecessor, 150.9 x 75.2 x 8.7 mm. The only minor incompatibility is the phone's weight. The m2 note has added an extra 4g to tip the scales at 149g.

Design and build quality

The Meizu m2 note is quite easy to sum up in terms of exterior - it's a m1 note with matte finish. Simple as that. The body is easily recognizable for its familiar rounded edges and unfeigned fondness for the iPhone. Meizu have obviously continued to pay attention to Apple's latest designs.

Meizu m2 note

The entire front is covered by a piece of either Asahi Dragontrail Glass or Dinorex T2X-1, while the non-removable rear panel is as neat and simple as it can be. We welcome the switch from glossy to matte plastic for improving both the grip and aesthetes.

The only novelty in the Meizu m2 note is the Home key - it's now a proper hardware button, bigger, and with a silver frame accent. What's even better, the Home button keeps its capacitive sensitivity as well - you can touch it for Back or press it for Home (takes you to your default homescreen). Quite clever indeed.

The recent hardware Home key doubles as a capacitive Back button

The Meizu m2 note benefits from much improved grip and is a pleasure to handle, thanks to the matte finish on the rear. Fingerprints are not an issue either. While the 5.5" smartphone is by no means compact, single-handed utilize is fairly comfortable in certain tasks.

Handling the m2 note


Above the 5.5" IGZO display we find the earpiece, a couple of sensors and the 5MP selfie camera. Below the display is the recent hardware key, which combines Back and Home functions.

Above and below the 5.5" screen

The left side of the Meizu m2 note features the volume rocker and the Power/Lock key. We are more comfortable with a right-mounted lock key and we had some hard time getting used to the button's position on the m2 note.

Meizu m2 note left side

On the correct is the ejectable tray, which can either accommodate a nano-SIM and a microSD card or a pair of nano-SIM cards. It's up to you to choose what you'll be using the second compartment for.

Meizu m2 note's huge tray

The 3.5mm audio jack and the secondary mic are on the top of the m2 note, while the bottom has the microUniversal Serial Bus (USB) port with the primary mic and the loudspeaker grille on each side.

The top and bottom of the m2 note

Around back, the Meizu m2 note has the 13MP main capturing camera and a two-tone Light Emitting Diode (LED) flash.

The 13MP main capturing camera on the back



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