LG V10 Review: Screen Play: Other Apps

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Other apps

LG kept the app package of the V10 trim and tidy. Evernote comes preinstalled to assist you sync and organize your notes or you could just utilize QMemo+. That one also does syncing (memos go into Google Drive). QMemo+ gives you basic text formatting, the ability to create checkbox lists and draw on top of the text. While drawing with your finger, you can utilize two fingers to scroll.

Evernote and QMemo+

The Calendar app features Event pocket. It simplifies the event creation process down to drag and drop. You can drag anything from Facebook events through nearby locations to To-Do lists.

Calendar's Event pocket lets you set up reminders related to Facebook events and nearby places

LG Health counts your steps and shows your progress towards your daily goal. It will even rank you against other users to motivate you to push further. While the LG V10 doesn't have health-oriented sensors in itself, you can connect accessories to measure blood pressure and your weight.

LG Health tracks your daily steps

The QRemote app works with TVs, set top boxes and air conditioners. What we love about LG's app is that it lets you build a universal remote by picking buttons from various remotes for individual devices and assembling a super-remote. This lets you easily have buttons to control the TV and AV receiver from the same screen.

Building your own remote by teaching the LG V10 recent commands

In some regions the LG V10 will come with DMB-T receiver (you need headphones plugged in as an antenna). You can even record broadcasts, though there's no DVR-like scheduling.

The DMB-T receiver app can record broadcasts

The Voice recorder app lets you tag recording with location info and attach them to an event. However, the advanced audio recording features we saw in the capturing camera are not present here.

The Voice recorder can tag memos with location

The phone comes with a capable File manager that can easily go files between local memory (internal storage, microSD or Universal Serial Bus (USB) storage) and the cloud. You can ZIP-up files, which will create them easier to send.

The File manager will wrangle your cloud accounts

LG backup serves double duty. It can copy your stuff off your recent phone or push things from the V10 to another phone. It also does backup and restore. You can store the backup file locally or upload it to the LG Cloud. For extra privacy you can lock the file with a password.

The LG Backup app also copies data between phones



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