Microsoft Lumia 950 Review: Legendary Edition: Telephony, Messaging

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Telephony and contact management

People Hub hasn't changed much since Windows Phone 8.1 It is the phonebook that you'll find on any Windows device and supports multiple accounts, including social ones, and has multiple pages like the rest of the WP interface. The first page is your contacts list with slightly update looks, the second one is What's New with all of your friends' social updates (Facebook and Twitter), and Groups.

The People app • Quick Search • The Social page • Viewing a contact • Edition a contact

Some of the complications are gone for fine such as the social updates for each contact and its complete history.

The cell reception and call quality are very fine and we had no receptions problems or unpleasant sound problems.

The Dialer app

The speaker on the Lumia 950 scored Very Good in terms of loudness and indeed it's very loud even in the noisiest of environments. Its audio quality is OK, but not impressive, the sound isn't very deep.

Speakerphone testVoice, dB Pink noise/ Music, dB Ringing phone, dB Overall score

Sony Xperia Z5 65.1 62.3 66.3 Below Average

Apple iPhone 6s Plus 65.8 65.1 64.6 Below Average

Samsung Galaxy Note5 65.3 64.6 73.5 Average

Samsung Galaxy S6 68.1 66.3 73.7 Good

LG G4 66.9 71.8 74.7 Good

Nokia Lumia 1520 73.7 67.7 74.7 Good

Xiaomi Mi 4c 73.2 66.6 77.5 Good

Microsoft Lumia 950 71.9 73.0 77.2 Very Good

Nokia Lumia 930 76.7 69.7 77.2 Very Good

OnePlus 2 75.7 73.5 80.7 Excellent

Messaging is all about Skype, but not exclusive

Windows 10 Mobile now fully integrates with Skype and once you sign in, you actually don't need the Skype app at all. The Messaging hub now supports Skype IM messaging and you can sent and receive Skype messages as they were texts/MMS. Attachments are available, too.

The messaging app with Skype integration • Skype video app

Microsoft has made the QuickType keyboard even faster and smarter, plus there is a recent dot, which acts as a virtual D-pad and allows you to go quickly through the text.

Microsoft's QuickType keyboard

If your Skype is too active though, as ours are, your phone will haged syncing all messages and chats, and even if you mute the notifications, your battery will drain more quickly than usual. We recommdiscontinue using the Skype messaging sync with caution.

Skype Video app comes pre-installed too, and this is the place where you can actually disable the Skype messaging and video integration. The Skype Video app is very similar to what FaceTime does in iOS - it's a native video call app, lighter than the actual Skype app, and will allow you to do video calls really quick and easy.

The native email client is the mobile version of Outsee Mail. It looks a lot like its desktop app and works like a charm. It supports multiple accounts, and syncs across all your Windows devices. It is available on Android and iOS as well and we often prefer it over other solutions.

Outsee Mail



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